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    Default Key not recognized error

    My 2008 xc70 did an odd thing. It would not start, with a message regarding key not recognized. The key fob would work fine to lock/unlock the doors. Ultimately, the only thing that would recover the car was to disconnect/reconnect the battery. Then, no issue starting the car.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I can't find anything regarding this by googling.

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    Everything electronic in these Volvo's is controlled by microprocessors and memory chips. Sometimes they get "confused" and some function has an error. Usually, disconnecting the battery will reset everything. A month or so ago I replaced the factory battery in my 2013 and about a week ago I received a low battery warning on the display. I went about my driving that day. That evening I checked the battery output and the charging system. All were as they should be. Guess it was one of those digital gremlins!

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