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    Question Early 98 vs Late 98 VIN split

    Hello... Presently owning my first 1998 XC. I have become aware some parts are different deoending on the VIN split.

    My car needs a new engine. I am aware it has to be the "56" 6th and 7th digit. EVEN IN THE 56 VIN, it seems to have to come out of an identical WAGON car not sedan, as I see some marked FWD and the wagons seems to be the AWD. My car has the desirable "Colorado Driveshaft."

    So. Any difference or info on issues you can run into on Early 98 VIN vs Late 98? Which digit is the split? Would something like the engine interchange fine?

    Also needs a starter and Shift Solenoid B. Should be relatively easy with the engine out. I expect the trans to shift well after Shift Solenoid B (only? With Volvo OEM?) is fine. Happy the RMS gets changed as a matter of default, too.


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