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    Default what sounds does a bad cat in a v70xc se make and a few other Q

    Hello , So I bought a used 2000 V70XC SE Black with 130k miles, The car has a few issues. One the seller didn't tell me was an engine code p0422 , the day I drove it , the radio was on and playing, then a week later I return to buy it and the radio said code, I didn't think nothing about it at the time, I now realize the seller undid the battery to erase the check engine light cause of the radio thing that now I realized did that cause of the battery being unhooked.

    Anyways I paid 1,300 dollars for it but the engine code thing has really thrown me for a loop , however I like this car and I found a new catalytic converter, an direct fit for 325 dollars off of ebay. I brought and will have midas install it, the thing is I am hearing a noise that I am not sure how to explain , it sounds like it may be cause the cat is clogged some what , my question is what does a clogged cat on V70XC sounds like, now the seller said the awd shaft was removed, could that be the reason for the noise or just the car. I guess I am worried it may be the transmission though it shifts gears very good but it is slow to take off from 0 to 20 mph but i am hoping that is from the cat issues . Also I get on the highway and can get up to 70 to 75 mph very fast once It gets past that 0 to 20 slow phase then it picks up like a bat out of hell and btw lol 70 mph speed limit in md .

    Everything else major seems to be great on the car, the engine is not burning no oil and I keep checking the oil every few days and it is always very clean looking so I think the engine is great and the transmission fluid does looks red but muddy red like, I hope and prey this cars transmission is not the reason for the strange noise. I guess after the new cat is installed, I will know if the cat on it now is to blame.

    I really like this car and want to make it work for me, I just file bankruptcy and let a 1 year old dodge journey ( didnt want to be bog down with a car payment ) go back so the volvo is my gateway to my fresh start in my life now and I always like station wagons as a kid anyways so this is really cool for me, I was very happy when I brought it. its not perfect but I love it and it talks to me lol so i want it to be ok !

    also will I hurt it driving it or should I not drive it till I REPLACE THE CAT? I still have the dodge i can drive but the volvo seats are so much better, the car just speaks to me.

    btw how the heck does those wipers on the headlights work lol ?

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    what exactly does this sound like when accelerating? Is it a loud throaty sound like a carburater with the air filter off? Does the transmission go into safe mode?

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    Your CAT is probably fine, PO422 is just a vacuum hose leak as a rule.

    My guess is that you may be a bit screwed.
    Your noise is probably a broken angle gear. You can't just remove it unless you or someone can find a way to seal the opening or all the transmission fluid will pour out.
    He may have thought he had a bad (common and rebuildable) propshaft but the noise remained, so he found out what is was and sold it.

    Before you continue to do dumb things and buy parts to throw on, LEARN ABOUT THE CAR FIRST.

    Right now, take it to a VOLVO mechanic and find out what's wrong with it.
    Didn't you drive it and hear the noise first? Yet, you still bought it without confirming what it was by FIRST sddrftaking it to a mechanic?
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