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    Default BBA Reman DIM Repair Review:

    BBA DIM Repair Review:

    EBay store:
    Issues: My DIM progressively failed. Clock first, then trip millage, next intermittent dead DIM, and last SRS light.
    Price: $165 including free fast shipping. This is compared to $439 with shipping at Xemodex. Savings of $274!!
    Time: The total time was three days with repair and shipping. Shipped UPS with provided label.
    Included in repair: All bulbs, polished the lens, and repaired the issues.
    Customer service: Excellent and quick email updates.
    Guarantee: Lifetime

    Removal procedure (Easy even for a novice):
    -Before turning off car. Insure that all electronics and climate control are in the off positions.
    -Turn off the car and let sit for at least 10 minutes to allow modules to retain memory functions.
    -Disconnect the battery and hook battery to battery tender to maintain full charge.
    -TRY NOT TO USE TOOLS FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE TRIM. Use your hands first to pull the trim off as your hands will provide an even pressure on the trim and the clips holding it in.
    - Removal Procedure here:
    -Use Torx 25 screw driver to remove the four screws (preferably a magnetized one).
    -Pull DIM and unplug.
    -Leave battery disconnected as the climate control may “freak-out” and partially stay active thus putting a drain on your battery.

    Installation after repair:
    -Reinstall DIM in the reverse.
    -Once secured in place reconnect battery
    -Before putting the key in, use the key fob to unlock and lock doors. This insures that functions are restored and that all security features are recognized.
    -Insert key and move to position 2 (II). Wait for mileage to be acquired from ECM if it was lost.
    -Start car and actuate the climate control to insure function and check all features on the DIM.
    -Reset SRS light by using VIDA as it must be reset on the DIM and ECM.

    Full Review:
    Knowing that my XC is 13 years of age, I did not feel that spending an extra $274 was worth it given that I had some important scheduled maintenance approaching. That savings more than paid for all the items I needed for repair/maintenance. In addition, I researched the BBB reviews in Massachusetts where BBA is located, EBay reviews, and online reviews of BBA. I also talked to repair shops in my area that use BBA. All reviews were very good and the few complaints were either solved or suspicious.
    The shipping was lightning fast and the email communication was spot on. Upon the return of the unit I did notice that one of the clips for the lens was cracked (not the lens itself). This really was not an issue as it did not affect the function of the DIM or did it compromise the lens. Hell, it’s 13-year-old plastic. To test the responsiveness of the customer service, I called to talk about it. I was greeted nicely and was offered a brand new lens. Since it did not affect the lens (many other clips holding it in) and that would mean I had to pull the DIM again I declined the offer. However, I was told if it became an issue one would be sent to me. I also asked why all the bulbs were replaced as it was not advertised that it would be done. The answer was that it prevented a DIM being returned because a bulb went out thus saving complaints, time, and money.
    I tested all functions on the DIM for 230 miles. Used a laser (Police issued/certified) to check accurateness of MPH. It was dead on + or – a mile or two. Millage was accurately accruing and all other functions appear to be in order. The clock has stayed accurate according to my cell phone clock.

    I will update if any issues are encountered.



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    Great post, Thanks!
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    The SRS code can be cleared by using this really nice icarsoft Vol II tool from Matt. He sells them on eBay or his number is 1-570-262-4806 Portland OR USA. Best value for the cash I have found yet. And Matt is a great help as compared with the other ebay and other resellers. You can also use the tool to read many of the values when the dim is removed via the obd port. It does a great job of resetting the srs airbag message when you disconnect anything including the rear seats seatbelts, etc.

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    I used this same type of repair service at about the exact same cost, to repair the DIM on a 2002 V70 XC. Different vendor but same price, included return shipping in the price, etc. I was a bit nervous about not going with a recommended place like XEMODEX but the reviews were all good so I went for it. Was totally pleased with the results, had no more problems, lifetime warranty, etc and saved a lot of money on the rebuild service versus what it could have cost.

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    Good deal
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