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    Default ah, the sound of madness: last bolt to remove on suspension work - rounded off!

    That sound of madness would be me... actually, I didn't say anything I am just in the corner making funny sounds.

    All of the nut/bolt combos on the struts were incredibly stuck and wouldn't ya know it... the last one of the four was just so damned stuck that I rounded it off. Tried the heating and wax trick, which did start the whole combo to spin, but the nut was having none of it and would not budge.

    Off to the store to purchase some of those gripping sockets. If that doesn't work, it is time to get the cut off wheel out, but I really don't want to go down that path...

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    A cheap air chisel works well on these. Hammer at an angle in the "loosening" direction - either the nut will come loose, or eventually it will split and you can turn it off.

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    How about an "EZ Out"?
    I snapped the head of a banjo bolt on the coolant/return line from one of the turbo's (backside) lines-I feel your pain.
    EZ out took out, what was left of the shaft from banjo bolt, with no ill effect-knocks on wood.

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