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    Very interesting trip and great pictures
    you folks must be getting used to driving on the "right" side of the road

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Tow'd View Post
    Very interesting trip and great pictures
    you folks must be getting used to driving on the "right" side of the road
    Hi Hank!

    Really glad to hear you are enjoying the trip!

    To be honest 'Flamenco Red' has been on the 'right' side of the road that many times while we keep finding that the steering wheel won't move to the left, and if it does we hear a 'Growling' sound from under the hood, I am thinking of applying to Sweden & Volvo to have a Steering Wheel 'Transplant' to the 'right' just to give us a bit of peace and quiet!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Our second day in Jelenia Gόra…

    Continuing our walk around the town, we come to….

    Looks like this little Deer has been having its ears well rubbed maybe for luck!….

    Not sure where this rather elaborate Bull was being rubbed but it was made of steel sheet and not brass….

    WOW! ‘Lily’ has got a big Chinese Gallery....

    While a bit further along the road we come to!....

    While in a very large churchyard we see this stone in the ground….

    Then we see the details of the temple….

    While the only view was through a section in a locked inner door at the front….

    Opposite the main entrance door is this memorial to Pope John Paul II....

    While opposite the entrance to the temple is this rather interesting building….

    The ‘Cultural centre’ in the town….

    Two nice little lamp holders each side of this shop….

    Then opposite are these ‘Iron Birds’ fixed at different heights on the wall of this shopfront….

    As we moved back to the opposite side of the Town Hall we found ‘The Man on Stilts’ but did not realise that he was half buried into the wall of the Town Hall….

    Walking down to a new shopping centre we pass this plaque describing the ‘Fortified double walls’ of the city but could not find a good and complete example for a picture….

    Then as we got into the Shopping Centre (Mall) it was like walking into a Ghost Town as there were virtually no shoppers, but the majority of the shops were all Designer Outlets with rather high prices, so we think maybe people were waiting for the next lot of Sales to start!….

    Time for a spot of lunch and we found this place, and yes a 2 Course Lunch of Soup & Main Course was just 10zl which was under £2 or $3 and it was very nice food and quite filling, so if you come this way then make a note of the address and it’s on the 3rd Floor of the building….

    After passing a fairly large Prison (Penitentiary) which we were surprised to see in the town itself we found a number of the ‘Advokats’ (Solicitor/Lawyers) Offices close by, that naturally were in good condition….

    While the dark yellow building was another building of ‘Advokats’ Offices the building next to it was a number of flats for people the front rendering of which was crumbling and falling off in a number of places…

    As time was moving along we decided to head back to the campsite and start getting sorted out as we are back on the road tomorrow for pastures new….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Jelenia Gόra - Bolkow…

    Off early this morning for the rather short trip to Bolkow and our next campsite called Camping Pod Lasem (GPS: 50.93297 N 16.11317 E)….

    Nice tarmac road!....

    While it was not very long before we came into Bolkow sadly it seems to be a bit ‘rundown’….

    As we get to the campsite the sign at the front entrance tells you that you have a choice go to ‘Part 1’ which is Shaded with trees, or go to ‘Part 2’ which is open and gets full sunshine when it shows up!....

    We chose ‘Part 2’ and hope the Sunshine shows up!....

    While if you walk over to the edge of this section you can see Bolkow Castle….

    Then the town and church of Bolkow is over to the left hand side….

    Hopefully we can now get over to see Książ Castle a bit later on which is the third biggest one in Poland….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Not far away from Camping Pod Lasem is this Castle which is the third largest in Poland and looked rather interesting on the leaflet, so off we went….

    Pedestrian entrance gate as vehicles & horses used the road alongside!....

    While the gardens going up to the castle were very large….

    A couple of man-made ponds had a few nice water lilies just opening up in them….

    As we then came to the outer entrance to the Castle….

    As the walkway up to the castle was lined with a few restaurants and ice cream stalls also in the walkway were a number of flower pots with some rather nice displays in them, and much nicer to look at than over-priced menus in the restaurants....

    Then there was the Castle in front and it was big!!....

    While just outside the doorway were the cannons….

    After getting to the front of the groups of visitors who were all on various organised day’s out we got or ‘Discounted’ tickets after showing proof of age and off we went on our self-tour at our own pace….

    You start on the second floor and work your way down trying to stay out of the way of the tour parties and guides who are many in number and can block up some of the passageways and rooms at times….

    A bit about the Castle….

    Silver mesh purses….

    High Tea room with a very nice gold coving….

    Princess Daisy of Pless….

    Whom was as you will see on the plaque in the next picture was born in the town of Ruthin in North Wales (UK)….

    These were a couple of the living quarters for Princess Daisy….

    A finely decorated ceiling in an adjoining corridor….

    Some details about the ‘owners’ of the Castle….

    Bolko the Small is in the bottom left hand corner and his consort Agnes of Habsburg is in the bottom right hand corner in the next picture of the ‘Family Tree’….

    The Black Courtyard….

    A large room in the castle were Antiques are on sale. Not sure how much the Knights Armour was going for!….

    While this ‘antique bed’ which had been restored in 1958 by a man in Austria was being sold for the equivalent of £148,000 and you still needed to find a mattress that would fit!....

    In a room dedicated to a display of Filie KL Gross Rosen which was a Nazi Concentration Camp that was not far from the castle. This room was an abundantly equipped baroque salon before the Second World War….

    This was the picture that was shown of the room before the Second World War….

    This next picture shows how it was left and preserved after 1945, while the striped top and trousers in the glass case are from a former POW of KL Gross Rosen…

    We then came into the very ornately decorated entrance into the castle….

    The entrance ceiling…

    Live Orchids….

    The Green Salon….

    Cannot remember what this room was called!....

    While the ceiling of the next room was floorboards that had been decorated but some had decided to split with humidity….

    As we then come into the ‘Gift Shop’ and this display…

    While this man was very real and the sword strapped to his back was real steel, but he was selling some very nice Fridge Magnets as mementos of the visit!...

    Then we were outside….

    The Blacksmiths Forge….

    With a final view of the Castle as we made our way back to the car park after a very interesting visit, and then back to the campsite….

    Tomorrow we intend to make a trip to Gross Rosen as it came as a surprise to find that it was so close to where we are….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Our visit to the Konzentrationslager Gross Rosen, otherwise known as KL Gross Rosen….

    The road up to the Main Gate where all prisoners would be taken upon their arrival at the camp....

    As we see a large map showing the locations of all the camps, Concentration & Extermination Camps in the Nazi system….

    While just to the left of the map we see the Garages for the transport vehicles….

    The two ‘Triangular’ shaped covers are over the inspection pits in two of the garage floors, which now have a significant amount of rainwater in….

    A little further down the entrance road is this layout map of Gross Rosen in it’s initial stages, when we got inside the Museum we saw a much bigger place that was found in 1945 at the end of the war….

    The SS Canteen....

    Which is now the Museum….

    As you enter you cannot help to see this large sculptor on the wall facing the entrance....

    Then to the left of the entrance is this model of the camp showing the final size when it was liberated in 1945….

    While just to the right are these coloured glass windows….

    As we got into the Museum we saw the items and exhibits that needed no explanation, so I will let you look and read the words on the pictures that go with the next picture in the page as you move down….

    As we came out of the Museum and made our way along the entrance road we pass this monument on the right hand side which adding up the figures tells of 160,000 prisoners….

    We then turn right before the main camp entrance and head up to the Quarry in which the Prisoners were forced to carry out hard labour for 12 hours a day extracting Granite Rock for the Nazi Guards….

    The quarry was found to be 38 Meters (124 feet) deep which has now partly filled up with rainwater….

    Guard & Control Post with some metal steps that were used to get into and out of the quarry for the prisoners and guards….

    On the far side of the quarry as you look at the picture there are 3 Metal Towers with thick cables going from them to 3 other Metal Towers on the opposite side which were used to lift the granite blocks up out of the quarry and into the railway trucks….

    One of the many large blocks of granite that had been extracted by the prisoners and brought up out of the quarry....

    While the prison camp was surrounded by much barbed wire fencing, the quarry was not and the deterrent was the Dogs who we understand from a video shown in the Museum, were trained to bite and take the flesh off the Prisoner in that bite….

    The Dog Kennels….

    The Main Gate.…

    Then just a few yards inside the Main Gate on the right hand side is….

    While the Hanging Gallows is still in place….

    The Prisoners Kitchen which was a long brick building had a different ‘notice’ at each end about is use ….

    Now being used as a storeroom in some sections of the building....

    A bit further along we saw….

    While set into the earth bank at the side of crematorium building was a small area with memorials as we see this one on a Granite slab for French Officers of the Special Operations Executive and just in front is a Poppy Wreath to an Englishman who was also in the SOE….

    With other memorials to a number of men of other denominations who lost their lives here…

    As we move on around we come to the Monument Mausoleum….

    Then we see the ‘new part’ of the camp that was shown as the buildings with the Red Roofs on the Model of the camp in the Museum….

    The area went from just behind the Barbed Wire to the edge of the forest….

    Prisoner Barracks, which were locked, so our view was through the windows…

    As we made our way back to the car park and through the Main Gate….

    We remembered the plaque that described the Liberation of the Camp between the 7th & 9th May 1945 for the inmates who were not evacuated, especially those who were staying in the Dörnhau Hospital, which I hope you can read as I used the camera flash on the plaque as it was very dark and unreadable….

    Then as we came away to return to the campsite we pass granite quarries close by but being operated commercially….

    A very humbling day in reading about the men & women from the armed forces of different countries involved in WWII who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and one that should not be forgotten….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Our visit to Jawor….

    After the short trip from Bolkow, we started off by making use of the Supermarket Car Park in Jawor and then making our way over to ‘The Church of Peace’ as it is referred to in Jawor, which is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list….

    This was the view of the outside of the church through the trees, which was built at the end of the Thirty Years War with many conditions imposed by the Emperor for example ‘To be built within cannon shot from the town walls, they could not have any towers, and their base could be neither bricks or stone’….

    Church details plaque....

    The picture before the trees got bigger and the leaves came out!….

    Having paid our entrance and camera fee for taking pictures inside, then received the tickets and change ‘folded over’ s we were asked what country we came from we made our way inside to this initial view looking left towards the organ….

    Then right to the altar….

    With a close up of the cross in the window high up in the wall, as the PA system then started to gives us the history of the church in English….

    As I then took the folded tickets and change out of my pocket, when I checked it I found that I was 50zl short, so off I went to see why and having explained to the man in German what had happened the difference was made up immediately….

    Which then allowed me to go back to taking more pictures inside....

    The ceiling….

    It seems that the previous picture in the altar was of the last supper, but it was removed for the present picture, while the last supper is in a part of the church which is not accessible to the public….

    All the paintings around the floor walls are from writings in the Bible, while the coats of arms are from different families….

    The wooden baptismal font….

    The UNESCO World Heritage Certificate….

    From the front right side of the altar looking left….

    Then looking the other way from the opposite side….

    We then set off to see if we could get up via the staircase to the upper floors and every stairway was closed except one that we eventually found as we passed this icon and was under the organ…

    On the first floor at the rear of the church….

    The view down the church towards the altar….

    The plaque relating to the laying of the cornerstone of the church when building commenced in 1654….

    The inscription outside the church from UNESCO, while sadly thinking about the inside. As we got back to the campsite the owner tells me that there are around 3000 tourists each year got to look but the money from them in the admission fees never seems to be plowed back into the church to improve the paintings or repair the badly deformed floor which we found in a few places as we walked around the inside….

    Then we set off into the Town ‘Centrum’ and a bit of sightseeing with the Town Hall in view….

    As we entered the Town Square….

    We then found….

    Followed by….

    Next was this rather ornate monastery....

    With a church that has changed sides so to say….

    No plaque for this building but as the Police were visitors and it looked a bit like the judicial offices….

    A still in business shop constructed in 1906….

    As we then find the oldest temple in the town….

    While the door was open the iron barred gate behind was locked, while we could hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner being used to spruce up the inside….

    Time to head back to the supermarket car park and find if we had been clamped or ticketed!….

    No ticket or wheel clamp, so we set off back to the campsite….

    Back on the road tomorrow when we will hopefully reach our final campsite before we go over to have a look at what we set off to see which is ‘The Great Escape Museum & Stalag Luft III….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Bolkow to The Great Escape Museum….

    After trying several times to call the next place which was a Motel with a campground called ‘Kobanhof’ near Zagan that we had planned to spend two nights and not getting any response, I then found another campsite with 2 telephone numbers which were both disconnected, so after speaking and trying with the campsite owner in Bolkow at Pod Lasem and not finding anything else close by we set off for the Motel ‘Kobanhof ….

    There was no luck when we got there as the place was deserted.

    As we then turned around my good lady noticed what looked like a ‘pipe’ hanging down inside the offside wheel of the ‘TinTent’ noting that and taking it easy we pushed on to…..

    As we got to the Museum I went in and asked about staying with the ‘TinTent’ also explaining that after looking, I had a small problem as the shock absorber on the offside wheel was hanging from the hub bracket as the upper bolt had disappeared!....

    The young man on reception told us we could stay in the car park and that there was a Truck Garage just back down the road which after making a sketch of what I needed with dimensions I ‘got on me bike’ and went to see them.

    They had the parts I needed to make a repair and the owner when I told him we had come to visit the Museum told me the parts were in that case 'a gift' from his company!....

    After some heartfelt ‘Thanks’ and handshakes, then back on me bike, 40 minutes later we were sorted out and ready to visit the Museum….

    After looking around directly outside the Museum building we then head inside to see the displays….

    As you then go towards the doors into the main exhibition room you see the plaque for the 50 people from 11 countries whom were caught during The Great Escape and were executed by a direct order from Hitler by a bullet shot into the back of the head….

    With this picture of the 50 people….

    One of the sections in the camp and the POW’s….

    The plan of the camp while the Museum is on the left inside the red circle ….

    The model of the ‘British’ compound….

    Food parcel and tins of dried milk….

    Some personal items….

    The German Luftwaffe Guards known as ‘Ferrets’….

    Items found in the camp....

    The model of the ‘British’ compound from the opposite end….

    A poem from a Maori New Zealander whose airmen where forgotten by their government….

    The 98 Americans who were in the camp….

    Having finished the visit to the inside of the Museum building we set off to find ‘Harry’….

    As a tribute to the 50 Heroes we fixed 2 Poppies that came with us to the Compound Perimeter Fence that ‘Harry’ went underneath….

    As we then found the area in which the Hospital was located….

    What is left of the building….

    The underground section….

    The Water Reservoirs and one of the alternative uses….

    With a last look back to ‘Harry’ and the compound fence it was time to make our way back….

    As we got to this large open area it was originally filled with the huts and compounds of the camp, while the tops of the Tyres that you can see mark out the outline of the huts….

    As we walked along the pathway we were followed some of the way by this little brightly coloured butterfly….

    With a final picture from the ‘Comments Book’ it was time to find somewhere to stay on what was turning out to be a rather long but very worthwhile effort to get here….

    While the objective of this tour had been achieved we still have the trip home to make, so we ain’t finished yet….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Zagan to Drzonkow.

    After looking at a number of files for campsites nearby and finding nothing, we widened the search and found one at a town called Drzonkow and set off to get there as it was just on 30 miles away….

    Getting out of Zagan we pass some very large properties….

    And this interesting church in the trees….

    Then after a few miles we pass this field that is mauve in colour but we were not sure of the flowers that gave it the colour….

    As we entered this village and passed the pond there was the Swan and on the lake but out of the picture was the other Swan with 6 or 7 cygnets near the bank….

    A very bumpy road surface on this section which was a good testing point for the ‘TinTent’ shock absorber repair, and which was OK when I then re-checked it at the destination….

    A completely wooden bell tower on the local church….

    As we then reach this very large ‘Sports Facility, with Hotel, Restaurant & Campsite in Drzonkow….

    Hotel Reception, Rooms & Restaurant. The Camping Reception was in another Administration Building which also looked after any events taking place at the Sports Centre….

    As we got onto the campsite and got set up….

    Facilities Block on the right….

    Behind the ‘Bushy Tree’ is the Show Jumping Arena Grandstand….

    While this is the arena

    Childrens playground, while the building behind is a sports hall….

    Birthday ride for a group of children….

    Olympic size Swimming Pool behind the tall Water Tower….

    Show Jumping Horse exercise unit….

    Back on the road again tomorrow and heading into Germany….

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    Sorry Folks!

    No Internet for last 4 days and now this one is running very slow so will try later to get update loaded!

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