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    Some very ornate and interesting looking buildings in the spa town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    Some very ornate and interesting looking buildings in the spa town.
    Yes, very nice, but to stay in them was not cheap, so they could afford to look after them, unlike some of the buildings in the rear of the town that were not in as good a condition!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    After what was going to be a quick trip into Planá but took a little longer as we got to see an ‘American Style’ Marching Band playing, as tomorrow (06th May 2016) is the celebration date of the liberation of this small town by American Forces during WWII!….

    While when we got back to the campsite the Coypu, that was hand reared from a baby by one of the campsite staff, who now calls himself ‘Moma’ was enjoying a nice fresh carrot while his two front paws held it in place as his teeth worked their way through the vegetable….

    Then it was time to ‘Get on yer Bike and off you go’ through some nice countryside!.....

    With a map that had marked out routes on….

    Also with some nice home-made ‘signposts’ to help you out….

    Quite a large section of the pathway was made up from what looked like old concrete railway sleepers that had been discarded at some point, possibly from the railway overhead when it was electrified, but must have taken quite some time to put in place…

    While we didn’t get to close to this rather large Ant hill….

    Small weir with a couple of men fishing on the opposite bank…..

    With this cottage by the railway bridge, but not sure why it had such a high chimney and now falling down building on the end, while the cottage is still occupied...

    As we then after a few more kilometres came into the lower section of the village of Pavlovice and this Café, which while the door was open it was not open for business….

    Next after we went around the corner and up the hill and we came to the Railway Station which considering the small size of the village was very large….

    Continuing up a rather long climb on the road, which for ‘Er indoors’ was nice and easy with her ‘Ebike’ while it had me puffing like a steam engine we came into the main part of the village of Pavlovice!...

    With this small church in the centre….

    The view looking through the windows, while sadly the lower parts of the walls are being eaten away by damp ….

    As we turned around & started to make our way back towards the railway station we see a sign for JOSEFOVA HUŤ which is on the right with the two cars outside, but could not find out who he was .…

    As we stopped to take the picture of the sign and the building the warning sounds were started and the barriers lowered for an approaching train which rolled through very soon after….

    Then it was back to the peace and quiet of the countryside with just the sound of the river as we made our way back to the campsite….

    A nice day out and the weather has improved, while after that ‘exercise’ I am going to sleep like a log tonight!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Set off this morning after a few things got sorted out on the campsite to go to the town of Tachov calling into Planá to get a couple of items from the store and then it was off across country!….
    After finding a good place to park up we set off back into the town centre, keeping an eye on the church tower….

    With a short walk alongside the river…

    Turning right and up a passageway we found ourselves in ‘Nam Republiky’ which is the main square in the town….

    Having spotted the Pop Art Music Café in the corner (Previous picture) it was time for a nice cup of proper coffee, which surprisingly came with a glass of ‘fizzy water’!...

    That done and the caffeine level restored, we set off for a walk around the town heading for the church tower in a round-about way….

    With the length of the queue at this ‘Chicken BBQ Van’ I think a number of people had already ‘Found their Chicken’!….

    As we finally came around to the church…

    Just outside the church is this rather interesting piece of history…..
    The right hand side concrete plaque translation reads ‘On 14th February 1945 two bombs fell on Tachov Church and neither exploded’….

    ‘Zámek’ this was the Cloisters in the town...

    As this building was quite elevated it gives you a good view of the lower part of the town….

    The small man made ponds in this next picture are used for ‘fish farming’ by the houses around them....

    While up the road we see part of the wall that used to surround the town….

    Along the wall at the rear was a pathway and gates that led via stairs up onto the ramparts, but unfortunately the gates were locked….

    A little bit further on we came to another memorial commemorating the liberation of Tachov by the American Army in 1945….

    While in the window of an office selling property there was this house on the market for the equivalent of Ł30,000 ($42,000)!

    While with all this glorious weather and temperature of 20C it was time for a nice Ice Coffee complete with a scoop of ice cream on top! ….

    We then made our way down to the river and looking over the side of the bridge we could see that there are fish in the water…..

    As we sat down by the riverbank two ducks must have smelled our picnic lunch as they both came over, however it was only the female who was interested in any food that we passed over. The male was more interested in showing us his ‘acrobatics’ as he went after other things on the bottom of the river!....

    While the man in the house on the other side of the river had his fridge in the garden with the beer in, which on a hot day made a lot of sense to keep it cool!...

    Time to move on tomorrow so it’s back on the road to our next destination which is Camping Kostelec which is another ACSI site, (GPS: 49.137500 N 14.472500 E) and not far away from the BIG town of ‘Budweis’ (Ćeské Budéjovice) which even though we have been to, I am sure we will go again!...

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    Scrolling down I came to the top of the ice cream coffee picture and wondered why your beer had straws in it and why there was so much head on it. Then I read the caption and.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    Scrolling down I came to the top of the ice cream coffee picture and wondered why your beer had straws in it and why there was so much head on it. Then I read the caption and.....
    Hmmm! Not sure what to say really!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Off again from Brod Nad Tichou to Hluboka Nad Nitavou!….
    OK, so you had a job getting your lips around the first line above, likewise over here, but we have 110 miles to go and 75% of a tank of fuel, so here we go!…..

    With the Sun having risen a couple of hours ago we head off down one of the forest road as we wanted to go ‘cross country’ and enjoy the scenery and not down the ‘Toll Road’ which were required to purchase a Vignette which we did not wish to partake of….

    One of the first villages we went through…

    Main road through the village….

    Then as we get around the corner and down the hill we see this large church on the right hand side….

    Part of the outside wall as we climb the hill by the side of the church!...

    As we get to the entrance archway on our right, but we had to turn left to continue our journey….

    So it was up over the hill and back out in the open countryside once again!….

    On to the next village as this bus tour disgorged it’s clients to go and have a look at this rather small church that must have had some importance as we could see it had been nicely decorated with the door open to welcome the visitors…

    Few more miles of open country and then we come to the next town….

    As we cross this bridge that goes over the Vlatava River…..

    Then turn left just before this small church in front and into a rather narrow road around a couple of tight bends, so take it slowly just in case someone is rolling along on the other side of the road!!…..

    The ‘Fire Truck’ was just out for a run, thankfully!....

    Climbing up through the forest…..

    Then down the other side we come into the town of….

    Next little village….

    Then it was a nice open country road with a good tarmac layer to roll along on!...

    As we then come into the outskirts of a place called Nepomuk…..

    Open road again!….

    Next village….

    Back over the Vlatava River once again….

    I think this was ‘Kastel Patsky’….

    WOW! That is a ‘Penny Farthing’ Bicycle being ridden by the man in the waistcoat, while the other riders all wore old style clothes and road old style bicycles, as they went for a picnic!....

    While a couple of miles further on we came to a very large group of cyclists all taking part in a cycling event that looked like a Time Trial but using Mountain Bikes….

    We then came to a set of traffic lights with some quite narrow road up ahead….

    As the 40 Tonne Truck went off in front, the road signs had 7.5 Tonne identified on them!....

    Out of that narrow section so we can breathe normally again!....

    As we get within the last few miles to the campsite we go alongside the Vlatava River and the road was even narrower in places than before!….

    Then we arrived at the campsite which was in a rather nice location….

    The front entrance, which you don’t use due to the archway and tight bend getting in, while it was built in 1853!...

    Time to have some lunch!....

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Off this time for a look around….

    As we pulled into the parking space we could see this sculpture of a Spitfire Aircraft across the grass on the other side.…

    Walking up to it, it turned out to be a memorial to the 4 Czech Pilots who flew aircraft for the Royal Air Force and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, as they lost their lives during WWII ….

    While directly opposite is this rather splendid Museum, which was closed….

    So between the memorial and the Museum, we turn and head off to the city centre past this church, which has a quite fast flowing stream flowing behind the railings at the side!….

    Continuing down this street....

    We come to….

    The main city square and its 4 sides ….

    As we then go out at one of the corners of the square …..

    I think this next Bank must have been holding all the Gold Bullion due to the very heavy ‘metalwork’ on the ground floor windows. Even the entrance door looked more like the door to a Gorillas Cage!....

    We come to the Vlatava River where even this large tree needs some support!....

    While heading back then into the city a bit further along via this archway…..

    We find even more archways!….

    We nearly missed these ‘Dragon Heads’ sticking out of that rather nice grey coloured building that was in one corner of the square, with the Domes at each corner of the roof, and one on the centre of the front.

    You can see the building side on in the centre of the next picture as we head off in another direction….

    As we come to another part along the river….

    Looking down this side street as we move along the river front….

    Then across the river to a large building on the opposite side....

    Heading then back towards the centre…..

    As we work our way back to this Tower…..

    Which has this smaller tower alongside....

    The whole tower is called ‘The Black Tower’ and behind this door inside the smaller ‘Pink’ tower are a set of spiral stone steps that take you up to the BIG main tower (The date on the small door reads 1553)…..

    Having gone up the spiral stone steps, you go through this doorway and find yourself looking at some very steep wooden steps like ‘Ladders’ but wider with handrails!….

    As you come out on the floor with the first set of Bells on, the wooden frames to hold the Bells in place are very large!.....

    With the ‘Bell Ringing Mechanism’ which is now electric motor and chain drive….

    Keep going you are nearly there!....

    The last step to the top, and the Ticket Office where you have to buy your Entrance Ticket!….

    The Clock Mechanism that moves the hands on the clock face on the outside of the tower....

    While outside I get a really good view over the city….

    Then there is the city square….

    As I come back inside before descending I see a couple of sketches of the city at different times….

    The Bells from on top as I come down the stairs....

    The steps are in some places as steep as going down inside a ship. I just wish the Hand Rail was a bit more accessible then I would be tempted to slide down that instead of going down the stairs! ….

    Back outside in the nice warm sunshine we go over and into a nice little park….

    Then heading off to have a light lunch we pass a shop with military memorabilia inside & this item in the window that left me wondering if it only has 2.5 Rations inside?

    Down this narrow side street…

    Then we find a Hotel & Restaurant and first off was this nice coffee presented with a small piece of cake which had no flavour to it, while that was followed by a bowl of Garlic & Cream Soup , which also was nearly flavourless, but I guess they cannot offer soup with a strong Garlic flavour as it might just offend some customers!....

    Light lunch over and then it was off again to find the Railway Station….

    As we get into a main shopping area we see this sign on the floor….

    With these ‘Folks’ looking like they had had a bad night out, fell in a mud pool and were now just hanging around, complete with bad hair do’s!….

    On the other side of the road is this brightly painted Czech Bank building….

    Along the shopping area…

    Strange ‘roof’ with images in what looked like metal hanging on the wall inside, but we could not get any closer, possibly because it was Sunday and the place was closed…..

    As we then see the Railway Station….

    You have to use an underground passageway to get to it when you are on the other side of the road, while the way to go is clearly signposted!….

    As is the Bus Station, which is actually on top of a large shopping complex….

    Through the tunnel and out the other side, then into the Station and the main area has this mural on the wall and the year of 1908 which was when the place was first built….

    While outside the number of lines and platforms covers a big area….

    As this little electric ‘shunter’ was bringing in another carriage to hook up onto those already at the platform.
    The train alongside with the graffiti on, was shortly due to depart for Linz in Austria…

    Time to head back to ‘Flamenco Red’ and that campsite as we pass this church which was not set alone but fitted into the row of buildings with the spire behind….

    If this nice weather holds then we will see what happens tomorrow!...

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    When we got up this morning and opened the blinds we were surprised to find this ‘Camper’ outside which must have arrived late last night!….

    While the ‘Camper’ is over 40 Years Old it was originally a Mercedes Flat Bed Truck which then had a Caravan ‘fitted’ onto it and has been used as such ever since! .…

    Today is time to go and have a look at a ‘fairy tale’ style castle called Zámec Hluboká in the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou, but before we did that we went for a short cycle ride down to the river and the place where the Ferry went over the Vlatava River ….

    The road was 1.2 Miles long (2Km) while 95% of it was downhill with sections that had a 20% Gradient on them as you got to the Ferry Point…

    The Ferry does not run until July & August, so we just admired the view which was very nice, before heading back to the campsite….

    After getting back to the campsite being ‘unfit’ in every sense of the word it took me a bit of time to recover from the ordeal of ‘hill climbing’ on me bike but after a successful recovery we set off to the small town and the Castle!….
    The main road in the Town is a one way street with this Church at the beginning…

    As we then set off on the side road up to the Castle we see this ‘Water dispenser’ outside a restaurant or it might have been a ‘Wine dispenser’?...

    While over the entrance was this rather large Fish Head which looked like a Catfish….

    Moving up the quite steep roadway we could just make out what we thought was the wall of the Castle through the trees…..

    As we then arrive at a Plan of the estate where you can stroll around the area for free....

    As we come into the Castle grounds we see this what turns out to be an exhibition hall/gallery in front with a pair of very large doors at the front….

    Between the exhibition hall/gallery and the Castle is a large conservatory with this brass animal by the entrance…..

    While the inside of the conservatory looks like this….

    Then as we come and stand in front we get a good view of the Castle which first impression is that it has ‘jumped’ off a Walt Disney film set, but it did look impressive!….

    So we then made an anticlockwise trip around the outside of the Castle with the following results….

    Then in what looked like the ‘Rear Garden’ was this small plaque on the wall which seems to be of a Soldier saying ‘goodbye’ to his family as he sets off to go somewhere….

    Coming back around then to the front entrance and making our way inside we see. Notice the Stags Heads & Antlers on the walls which was strange to see them outside, while each one was from a different animal....

    The main tower…..

    Side wall with more Stags Heads….

    Then looking higher in the entrance I spot the Boars Head, also on an outside wall….

    As this man works on restoring one of the inner doors….

    With another Boars Head on the opposite wall….

    More Stags Heads just inside the main entrance….

    With maybe the ‘Piece de resistance’ this Bison’s Head with the ‘pins’ in to keep the Pigeons from landing….

    While the entrance doors to the Castle were very big, the handles to open them were around 6ft off the ground and looked like this. The man’s face looks to be maybe Chinese while the bird has it’s beak in his left eye socket!….

    What looked like a Door Knocker in the centre of the door was fixed and could not be used....

    Then out in the garden in front of the Castle were shrubs cut into shape and repeated around the edge of this part of the garden ….

    Then making our way back out we see at the front is this Hotel which is on the estate….

    Then it was back down the hill and into the town making our way back to where we parked ‘Flamenco Red’ as we see this sculpture outside the Policie Station which when looked at seems to represent the Four Seasons, staring with Spring….

    While at various places around the town were these LARGE Eggs all painted differently….

    Then it was off to the Supermarket to restock and the Garage to refill before we headed back to the campsite, while a little later on we saw a rather nice Sunset as it went down behind the 4 large Water Coolers we can see over the hills…

    Lazy day planned on the campsite tomorrow with a couple of maintenance jobs on the ‘TinTent’ as we move again the day after….

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Kostelec to Hluboké Mašůvky….

    Back on the cross country roads this morning to our next stop for a couple of days as we pass this old camper that has been converted to a mobile fast food outlet!….

    As we get to a main road and finally see some other traffic, as the ‘backroads’ have been very quiet!.…

    Coming into the village of Dolni Bukovsko….

    Anyone want any ‘Firewood’ as we catch up to this tractor and trailer with it’s load of wood offcuts?.…

    As we then come to the end of the first ‘cross country’ bit we turn left onto one of the main roads (Number E55) with a new road being built alongside thanks to EU funding and the electrified railway on the other side….

    As we then bear left off that main road we come to the outskirts of a town called Stitary with the Circus just outside of the town….

    While the Supermarket ‘Tesco’ and the town centre are up ahead, and the yellow colour of the Rape Seed still glows brightly even on a very overcast day!.…

    The word ‘Flop’ which was a shop, was what we saw on the small sign sticking out from the wall just after the building with the all green front, on the left side of the next picture….

    Then back out in the countryside and having climbed a quite long road up a hill we see this very large ‘Watch Tower’ which must have a substantial view over the surrounding countryside....

    Next village with the ‘Speed Indicator’ telling us how slow we are going as the limit is 50Kmph….

    Passing the local Fuel Station just inside the town of Kunžak we see Diesel at 26.50Kc (Ł0.77p/Litre) Petrol at 28.50Kc (Ł0.84p/Litre) ....

    Bit more countryside and then into Dešov…..

    Strange design on this house compared to all the others on the road in the village…

    As we run along another bit of road and come into….

    Then the campsite….

    This is outside at the back of the old Campsite Bar!….

    Then just near the once used stables is this little wagon....

    With this small threshing machine on the opposite wall….

    After getting set up, we took a stroll into the village….

    Spotting this novel way of drying out the Firemen’s Hose Pipes!….

    While a bit further along is this nice little church….

    With the view inside through the glass door….

    The view across the church grounds and also part of the village….

    Then on the way back to the campsite on the opposite side of the road we see these Potatoes growing nicely in the Front Garden….

    While next door there is a good mixture of different vegetables also in the Front Garden.…

    Depending on the weather as it seems like the ‘Overhead Watering Can’ has been promised by the ‘Forecasters’ then if it doesn’t we will make a trip into the nearby town, if it does then I’m having a long lie in!!….

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