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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    The weather is yet again disliking you. Hope it improves. A nice mix of scenery. Looks like I have another area to add onto the bucket list.
    This weather is not only disliking us as we have met a number of people already who also did not pack warmer clothing!

    I've renamed our Bucket List to The Budget Bucket List as we get a lot of pleasure doing our own planning and removing the 'middle man' then enjoying the results even in this not very nice weather.

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    Read your posts and saw the pictures! Too bad for the weather, but still looks like a great trip! Looking forward to reading the rest !

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmtaal1990 View Post
    Read your posts and saw the pictures! Too bad for the weather, but still looks like a great trip! Looking forward to reading the rest !
    Hello mrmtaal1990!

    Many thanks for your kind words! I too hope it proves interesting for you.

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    Sorry for the delay in getting Update in, we have had problems with getting Internet Access on the campsites we have stopped at on the way, while our current one also has no access so I am using the Local Library in a city called Plana in CZ!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Luxembourg to Kraichgau……
    08:30 and we are on the road again…

    Not long after joining the Autobahn we pass the sign for Schengen where the treaty was signed which is not causing a lot of controversy in Europe….

    Then passing over the Mosel River we cross the Border between Luxembourg and Germany….

    While shortly after we get caught in the Autobahn ‘Roadworks’ which continue for quite some distance and then get repeated a few times as we move slowly along….

    As we approach the USA Military Base at Ramstein we are passed over head by two large transport aircraft who are on their final approach to the base….

    While off to our right is the outskirts of Ramstein with a large Solar Panel Field close by…..

    Travelling further along the Autobahn comes into a large valley and the Tower in the following picture which was difficult to get is part of a Castle on a hill overlooking this valley….

    As we enter a Wine growing region of Germany we travel alongside this rather ‘upmarket’ wall/fence which was on both sides of the Autobahn, but not sure if it was built to block fumes and traffic noise from the passing traffic onto the vines?

    Approaching this bridge we find that underneath is the River Rhine….

    Finally get to the town of Őstringen which is not far from our next campsite….

    As we turn off the main road and climb up a hill, we see this small church set back on its own but it is locked up so cannot look inside…..

    Then a couple of hundred yards further on we come to the entrance to our next campsite which is called…..

    This is Camping Wackerhof….

    Now anyone who is from Liverpool and a Born ‘Scouser’ will recognise the word ‘Wacker’ from Liverpool ‘Slang’.
    In finding an explanation of the word ‘Wacker’ even though I was born and brought up in Liverpool and I did use it on occasions, I have since found that it was used between close friends who shared things, usually equally.
    So “wackers” were close enough friends to share things, usually equally, while the family that own and run this campsite, see the name as one of being brave…

    As we got onto our pitch ourselves and set up, this caravan arrived whose owner could not reverse his unit onto the pitch, so the campsite owner brings out his tractor which must be around 40 Years old and then hitches up to the caravan and puts it in place in one easy move. The campsite owner repeated this move on another caravan that arrived 15 minutes later and belonged to the son of the family with the first one!

    As we went for a stroll around the campsite we came across this room which is open for anyone to use on the site and while it is really nice and cosy, it is full of books and games for campsite guests to read and play the games….

    Interestingly while there is NO Wi-Fi access there is also no Mobile Phone signal here, so for us it is going to be 3 Nights of no communications with the outside world!!!!

    Where we go tomorrow will depend on what the weather has in store in the morning…..

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Our visit to Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum……


    I ‘found’ this place on the Internet and thought it looked rather interesting and to be honest it was, with exhibits for everyone to enjoy…

    While a long time ago having nearly but not quite made it onto a Concorde Flight from New York (JFK) to London (LHR) even though the display aircraft was at a very steep angle it was interesting to be able to walk through to the Cockpit and nearly slide back down and out the door!!! ….

    So off we went following the signs up the stairs to get there….

    Then up the circular stairs to get in the ‘Back Door’!….

    While the ‘back end’ inside was quite wide….

    Looking back from the Flight Deck the aisle was very narrow, which is possibly why a number of the Cabin Crew who I met on other aircraft and flew in Concorde, did not like it. Getting things ready in the Galley which was very small, and then bringing them out on a trolley was frustrating to say the least…

    All the seats were inside ‘protective plastic cages’ to prevent visitors from sitting on the seats. This was also to be found in the Russian ‘Concordski’!

    While also legroom at £5,000 for a One Way Ticket was also not that great….

    Still you did get to see how fast you were flying with the display at the front (Could not find one of these in the ‘Tupolov Concordski’ which I went in next)…..

    Inside the Flight Deck was also quite cramped….

    Now for the Technical ‘Bits’…..

    Next one to ‘climb aboard’ was the Russian Tupolov ‘Concordski’…..

    As I once again go up the stairs and in through the ‘back door’…

    While looking back once inside from the Flight Deck there certainly seemed to be more room in the aisle between the seats….

    And more leg room for passengers….

    While the Flight Deck looked completely different to the European Concorde…..

    Nice to see the ‘Exit’ sign was also in English, just in case!…..

    With some Technical Details next….

    While also up on the roof of the museum was this ‘Old Lady’ of the skies….

    We then went down the stairs and into the first Museum ‘Shed’ to look at the exhibits on display inside, and unless I need to put in some words I am going to let you read the text pictures before the exhibit is shown in the next picture….

    A very large Electricity Generator made in Stuttgart…..

    Harley Davidson Motorcycles….

    An 11 Man Bicycle that was owned and ridden by the Sinsheim Polizei Sports Club…..
    I did wonder if they ever picked up a Speeding Ticket?

    General view of part of this place, while it didn’t take long to take 195 pictures of the exhibits but not all of them are in this write up!....

    Now this was a very BIG Engine (24 Cylinders) when compared to the car next to it!!!....

    WOW! A ‘Tag Axle’ Merc, that is not a Camper/RV!

    Anyone recognise the Blond in the middle of the next picture?

    As we moved into another part of the Museum we came to an area that was made to look like a Dessert setting with Military items in…..

    Can’t quite make out why the chap in the white ‘Bib’ has got a nice smile on his face? It might have been caused by the toothpaste he was using?....

    Not sure if the ‘RED’ colour on this Tank was because a shell had taken a lump of the Armour Plating from around the gun…..

    ‘Rescued’ from the Mediterranean Sea…..

    ‘My Favourite’ exhibit but I doubt if I can have one for all our Overland Trips!

    ‘Flamenco Red’ might get slightly jealous!!!

    The inside of the Blown Up Tank….

    The Bicycle before the ‘E Bike’! (No information board available)

    Part of the Cycling display….

    With a final comment concerning a rather nice ‘Customised’ Harley Davidson…

    While the Museum was interesting it was also quite obvious that while pictures could be taken anywhere there was a proliferation of ‘museum plates’ on exhibits so the full effect of marketing could be made when those pictures went on social media, likewise a number of displays that ‘worked’ required the insertion of a €1 or €2 coin for a very brief display of just how those exhibits operated.
    Possibly the best Financially Motivated Museum I have visited to date.
    Hopefully tomorrow if it stays dry we plan to go and have a look around the city of Worms, as currently it’s raining here!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    A day out in the city of Worms (Germany)……

    Having got into the city centre quite early on a Sunday morning and finding a parking place it was good to find that today is Free Parking ….

    So off we went to have a look around this city which looked interesting on Google Earth as I did a little research….

    This is Trinity Church, construction took 16 years from 1709 till 1725, it was destroyed during the second world war and rebuilt between 1955 to 1958.

    With a nicely carved front door!….

    One of the main shopping streets….

    A ‘Blue Dragon’ which we found out after a visit to the Tourist Information Office that there are a number of these around the city which have been purchased by different businesses and painted in their own colours.…

    Siegfried Fountain. Heptagonal Fountain from 1921 with a larger than life statue of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer (We wonder if he ever met a Welsh Dragon?)….

    Nice display of Tulips…..

    Local Micro Brewery which is also a restaurant….

    St Peter’s Cathedral…..

    The entrance door to the Cathedral with a nice sculptured arch around it….

    As we then moved inside…..

    Interesting stained glass windows in the main section….

    While inside the St Nicholas Chapel the colours of the stained glass windows were a lot more vibrant ….

    Then back out in the main section we could see the choir pews…..

    Then the altar…

    While just around the corner was a rather well defined model of the Cathedral…..

    Then it was back outside and moving in the opposite direction to see some rather nice buildings….

    As we came into the Market Square there was a gathering of a number of the political parties who represent the townsfolk of Worms who are not happy with the ‘performance’ of a number of the politicians, so they were having a rally…

    While they were offering a Coffee & a slice of homemade Carrot Cake for €1.50 which was rather nice! The ‘carrot’ was made of marzipan!!...

    In the outer corner of the Market Square at the end of the building called City Hall halfway up the wall were these carvings and the middle one depicted Frederic II and Isabella of England from 1235 but my history is not good enough to remember them or the date …..

    As we then move off to see the Jewish Quarter of the City….

    Just before we turn into the street called ‘Judengasse’ we see the old City Wall which used to surround the City of Worms….

    Then after turning left we soon come to the Synagogue with a rather nice write up on a plaque giving some of the history and stories of this area, which I hope you can read….

    The Synagogue….

    As we then made our way back we see this nicely decorated house…..

    Following the city plan that we got from the Tourist Office we were able to follow and see the other sections of the City Wall that are still standing….

    Going off down this small road we see the wall at the end….

    Then as we get around the corner we see another large section with a walkway above which was closed and archways two of which opened onto the roadway, while a smaller doorway allowed pedestrians to pass through….

    While opposite was a small park….

    Just a bit further along was another ‘Dragon’!....

    As we then headed off to another gateway in the city wall….

    Then turning left we meet yet another ‘Dragon’!....

    Making our way back to the Market Square we see this rather large Ice Cream Outlet, with some very tempting selections, but it was still a bit early so we resisted temptation and carried on by….

    Carrying on down one of the main shopping streets we pass the ‘Winegrowers Fountain’ which sadly was only dispensing water, while a smaller Dragon was perched on top….

    Next up was Ludwig Square recalling Ludwig Hesse IV Grand Duke of Hesse & St Martins Church in which it is claimed according to legend that St Martin of
    Tours was incarcerated in a dungeon beneath the church....

    Martin’s Gate built in 1904 and inspired by the forms of the city’s former norther gate which was destroyed in 1689….

    As we then got to one of the shopping arcades we spot another of these non-fire breathing beasts!....

    Next was a bit of a surprise as more or less in the centre of the city is this Institution for young offenders, with its very high walls and barred windows….

    While we think the red brick building was the court house, inside the small water fountains was this round sculpture called ‘Wheel of Fortune’ that rotated….

    While not missing another Dragon at the bottom as you watched this side that shows events that impacted the city, and you will see a Jester/Clown at the 1 O’clock position on the face. He stayed upright as the side went around!....

    While on the other side are scenes from everyday life with completely different figures on it, even the Dragon looked unlike a Dragon!….

    After having some lunch we then started to make our way back spotting our final Dragon of the day, before we set off back….

    On the way back to Camping Wackerhof we decided to have a look around the nearest town we went through to get there, and found a rather nice surprise!

    The town is called…

    With a couple of old possibly Coaching Inns, this one dated 1825…

    While this other one which was more or less opposite was dated 1829…

    Surprisingly a LARGE Fire Station, but the town is surrounded by woodland…

    Going up to the church we pass this scene outside….

    While the church itself is going through some re-work….

    The ‘Rathaus’ (Town Hall) is at the far end of the church….

    Complete with a sculpture of the Town Crier & a Post Box from the United Kingdom….

    When we looked closer at the Post Box we see that it was a gift from the town of Abergavenny in South Wales and very close to home for us, to the townsfolk of this Őstringen as the two towns are ‘Twinned’!...

    As we then spot this oddly shaped house but we haven’t seen one like it in Abergavenny!…..

    On the road tomorrow to a place called Lichtenau and a campsite called Landgasthof Gotzenmuhle (GPS 49.24940N 10.69252E) which I found in the ADAC Stellplatz Fuhrer book…..

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Landgasthof Gotezenmuhle & Ansbach……

    As we departed from Camping Wackerhof we had a short conversation with Frau Wacker who was saying that there is not a lot of faith in the German Chancellor at present as a lot of things are going wrong with the influx of all the migrants and now the German people cannot even allow their children to make their way to the school bus point on their own as they did not very long ago, while they also think their freedom has been severely eroded in a short period of time.

    Time to get back on the road for our next stage to Landgasthof Gotzenmuhle and a visit to the town of Ansbach….

    Short run across country as we made our way back to the A6 Autobahn….

    In a very short space of time after we got onto the Autobahn we saw the Polizei attending an accident on the opposite carriageway while the tailback stretched for around 5 miles and the inside lane was just a wall from one end to the other of Trucks, with even a few in the outside lane who with the regulations of being over 7.5T and the time of day should not have been there….

    Passing by some of the Vineyards of this region in Germany!….

    Not very long and we are off the Autobahn and on the side roads again….

    While the number of fields and house/garage/shed roofs with Solar Panels in & on, was very large.…

    As we then come to our next ‘Campsite’….

    Except it was just a sloping field at the bottom of a gravel run with a small wooden shed that had around 12 Electric Mains Sockets inside on a distribution board. The single cold water tap that went into a metal sink was connected to a garden hose pipe that went off in the grass somewhere!

    I was also hoping to be able to update the travel blog at this point as the site was supposed to have Wi-Fi but I think they were joking as there was a sort of connection which periodically connected if the wind was blowing in the right direction!!!…..

    Still we did have some interesting neighbours in the opposite field….

    So without any more ado, we got set up, have a bit of lunch and went off into…..

    Only this time the parking was not Free, but we nearly made the mistake of staying in a ‘Resident’ slot instead of a Paid Parking slot, but a nice local man put us right, as we then set off into the town centre!...

    As we crossed over one of the main roads and through a small gateway we see this metal statue in front, but unlike all the points of interest in Worms the ‘City Map’ in Ansbach was not providing any information on theirs!….

    Nice artists impression of some of the buildings in Ansbach….

    As we then wandered around some of the town centre streets looking at the buildings and prices of items inside for comparison with back home…..

    Sweet stall…

    This ‘Seat’ was actually made from a large ‘slab’ of steel that had been formed and cut to shape, but it must have taken some tremendous power to produce it!...

    As we needed some Bread we went into one of the local Bakery Shops to get a loaf which you can buy a ‘Half Loaf’ in Germany and then have it sliced which in this machine the loaf is sliced ready for use at home….

    Inside the Tourist Information Office we saw this couple in the style of dress in Ansbach from 1870…..

    Then it was back on the streets looking for a nice ice cream parlour!….

    We found one not far away and ordered what we thought was going to be this one which is Spaghetti Ice Cream with a covering of Strawberry Sauce and Coconut bits…

    BUT….As we ordered a ‘Spezial’, there was NO Strawberry Sauce, as ours came with a Likor, a dribble of Caramel Sauce and Coconut bits…

    It was nice but we think the other one would have been nicer!....

    A sight that we are seeing more of as we wander around the towns this time of people sat on the pavement outside a shop or café with a ‘begging bowl’ in front of them….

    As I looked to the left hand side of the Clock Tower in the previous picture which was also a gateway into the centre I noticed a small section of the original Town Wall still in place, and very much like the wall that used to surround Worms…

    Nice pair of old doors in this building….

    We thought this was a LARGE streetlight until we looked closer....

    Then we saw that it is a small working model as the hands and hammer move up and down of the Gold & Silversmith from the shop below….

    Just outside the town centre is this large building which is residential for the some of the citizens of Ansbach while the strange metal horse stands in front along with the small fountain!....

    Then making our way back to ‘Flamenco Red’ before the time ran out on the parking ticket we pass this very large clock whose motif has faded slightly, but still looks nice….

    While opposite is the Bus & Train Station….

    Making our way back to the ‘Campsite’ we have decided that as I cannot get any of the updates onto the travel blog we will continue on the road tomorrow to the next campsite which is in the Czech Republic.

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    Landgasthof Gotezenmuhle (D) to Brod nad Tichou (CZ)……

    As the ‘Bassets Liquorice Allsorts’ family (Made of Hay Bales) see us off….

    Off through a couple of nicely wooded ‘back roads’….

    We find ourselves once again on the A6 Autobahn and even more glad we are going East when we see this morning the ‘Double Wall’ of Trucks occupying 2 lanes as other traffic under 7.5T crawled along the 3rd lane as they came to the long section of ‘Carriageway Repairs’ that consisted of 2 lanes one of which was only 2.3 Meters wide, while repair work was carried out!
    The queue of traffic was easily 12 Miles long and very slow moving!….

    Interestingly the further East we went the less traffic was on our side of the Autobahn….

    Luvverly Morning and nice clear roads and view!.…

    Not very long after this next picture we got the request from ‘Jane’ in the TomTom GPS to ‘Take the Exit’ as this was where we came off the Autobahn as we did not subscribe to buying a ‘Vignette’ to use the Czech Republic (CZ) ‘Autobahn’ which are classed as Toll Roads for all vehicles, while after we came off it was very interesting to see the number of Trucks also doing the same thing….

    Off the Autobahn and through possibly the last village in Germany as we head for the Border…..

    Not far now….

    There is the Border which was completely open with not a Border Guard in sight….

    After a quick fill up of Diesel which is around £0.80/Litre we then started making our way on the normal roads, passing through the small viallges and towns in the Czech Republic….

    We past a number of outlets selling these coloured balls which we think are LED lights for outside…..

    Oh the open road!....

    With a ‘Maypole’ that would have been used in celebration on 1st May with people and long streamers from the top dancing around the pole….

    As we then enter the town of Bor….

    Anyone interested? It’s up for sale!

    While the church is in better condition….

    Then a little further we come to the village where our next campsite is to be found. Camp Karolina (GPS 49.820278 N 12.753333 E) which is also an ACSI Camping Card site.…

    But first we have to pass a ‘Maypole’ with a lot more of the festivities left behind from the 1st May celebrations….

    Then make a right turn past the Brod na Tichou church…..

    Before we then bear right onto a road with quite a number of potholes and rough patches in….

    Then after around 1.5 miles the campsite entrance appears....

    With a number of ‘Bungalows’ that have quite a story and history attached to them…..

    As we get onto our pitch I see a very large building then a motif in the centre of the wall that I know I recognise as we visited the factory associated with that motif a number of years ago….

    The motif is the Badge/Emblem of the Skoda Car Company and the building also has quite a story and history attached to it….

    While that story & history also applies to this building which is now the Campsite Reception…

    Both the buildings were constructed in 1870 and were part of a ‘Karolinengrund Granitwork’ which you can see in the picture below…

    In 1937 with some re-planning by Dr Rudolf Funk the site became a ‘Summer Camp’ for the children of Skoda Motors Employees, and a commemorative plaque is still in place inside the Campsite Reception building to Dr Funk.
    The large house with the Badge/Emblem on the wall was the accommodation for the camp-staff along with the cooking and refectory facilities for the Skoda Motors Children, the now Campsite Reception was also the Reception building for the Summer Camp.…..
    The Bungalows that were in the previous pictures were all constructed by the Skoda Employees as accommodation for the children, and are still in very good condition….
    While just outside the current Campsite was this large building which had a Dance Hall & Cinema inside for use by the children. Outside are 2 Open Air Swimming Pools, one of which you can see just to the right of the building!….

    So just by spotting that Skoda Badge/Emblem and asking ‘why it was there’, we hear about some really nice history attached to the campsite, which we did not know until we got here!….

    After getting ourselves sorted out on the pitch we then set off to the nearest town called ‘Plana’ to see if I could use any Internet facilities in the Library, to which you know the answer as you have read the previous update which the Folks there very kindly let me use their facilities.…

    As I was doing that my good lady was having a stroll around the town taking a few more pictures to show what the town looked like and to some extent it reminded us of a small market town in England except that all the houses are painted in different colours in ‘Plana’ while in England they would all be the same colour and shape!.....

    Local Library & Tourist Information Office….

    This building was the Town Hall but is now a Local Police Station……

    Hey Ho it’s raining again, but hopefully it will clear up again for tomorrow as we are off out exploring again!

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    Overland to visit Stalag Luft III.

    A cold day trip to visit the towns of Mariánské Lázně (Also known as Marienbad) and Teplá along with the Cloisters which are nearby……
    It felt like 0C thanks to the wind chill factor as we set off this morning for the short run to Mariánské Lázně but at least it wasn’t raining, and it wasn’t the sort of day for jumping into one of the Outdoor Spa Pools in the town and there are a few!….

    Having found a parking space in the Tesco Supermarket car park with no time restrictions in place we set off for the walk into the centre of the town and to find the Tourist Information Office, passing some nice buildings on the way….

    Even the Pansies seemed to be ‘smiling’ in the cold weather!…..

    One entrance to the central park….

    This Hotel was called ‘Villa Butterfly’!….

    Complete with 4 naked ladies on top! (2 on each side tower)…..

    The small grey roofed building was identified on the signposts as the Town Information Office while it is in fact a Tour Booking Office, and the lady inside was really helpful while also pointing us towards the right ‘Tourist Information Office’….

    As we then passed even more Spa Hotels or ‘Normal’ Hotels ….

    Arriving eventually at the Tourist Information Office and going inside we could not see any Town Maps but did find a nice Fridge Magnet to buy and keep as a memento of the visit while also seeing the the town was twinned with Malvern in the UK which is not far away from us in South Wales.
    We then waited in the queue of people to ask if they had a Town Map and pay for the Magnet.
    After we had been waiting for around 15 minutes, a local lady came into the office and as the Tourist Office ‘Assistant’ had just finished with the couple in front of us she called the local lady over, at which point the local lady pointed to us, but the Assistant insisted that the local lady went over!
    So with that wonderful example of really bad manners the Magnet was dumped on the counter and we turned and left…
    When we got back to the campsite the man on reception tells us that it is a regular occurrence in that Tourist Office that Tourists are ignored.
    We did find that ‘’ worked very well in conjunction with a half page map we got out of a booklet full of ‘Health Spa’s’ in the town!...

    As we saw a number of water fountains all the water is from the spa water that surfaces in various places….

    On a busy day possibly in Summer this next place a number of years ago looked like this with hoards of people strolling around.…

    It was that BIG and I could not get back far enough to get the front in in one picture that it took 7 pictures to complete! I hope you can put them together in your mind? To me it looked a bit like the Greenhouses in Kew Gardens in the UK….

    While this was the man who found the spa’s.…

    While this particular outlet is called Rudolph’s Spring named after the Austrian Crown Prince as you will hopefully see on the Plaque….

    And there is the ‘bubbling Rudolph’s spring’ which is freely available to take via taps in the main area using your own container or you can buy a plastic cup to try the water.…
    Did we? No thanks. We tried it before and was not impressed by the taste…

    Nice artistic light over the spring outlet.....

    As we came out of Rudolph’s Spring building the water fountain was in action again down at the bottom of the ‘Glasshouse’! Sorry Colonnade....

    We then set off to find a very large Hotel sat at the top of a hill overlooking the town as we pass by this block of ‘Residence Flats’….

    Anyone fancy a Horse & Carriage Trip around the Town? Blankets supplied but no Hot Water Bottles, sorry!….

    Going along a road called ‘Ruska’ we pass this shop which has a machine for making thin biscuits that are around 6 inches in diameter, and in one revolution they are ready! (No pun intended, but we did see and hear a number of Russian Tourists) ……

    While a bit further along was this small Russian Church, with a BIG sign just inside the door advertising ‘NO PICTURES’ so we carried on….

    Passing more ‘Residence’ buildings….

    As we finally arrive at the ‘Hotel on the top of the hill’ which to be honest from the front looks like a very large Fortified Look Out Post for the Military with the large concrete walls on either side.
    Which was a nice thought as the place is called ‘Monty’s’ and I never knew he had a Hotel here! NO we did not look around the back to see if there were any Challenger Tanks in ‘mothballs’!....

    Methinks its time to leave and see about some lunch either on the way of when we get to Teplá….
    The trip over to Teplá was short so we then found a restaurant for lunch and then went over to the Abbey/Cloister which was just outside the town, and found this description, which I hope is readable…

    This is what it looked like in 1735…..

    The small main entrance gate looks rather unimpressive in the large outer wall…

    While after passing through the outer wall entrance doorway, the left hand side of the main Abbey now looks like this….

    The twin towers/spires look like this having been partially restored….

    And the Abbey right hand side has also been partially restored….

    While around the corner of the right hand side which is the Library & Convent has been fully restored, so work is continuing as funds permit….

    At the side of the Convent is the….

    This also had a Brewery for Beer manufacture but it was destroyed by the Army during one of the wars and only the water mill was left which has been completely refurbished but is only opened for guided tours….

    While looking through the window in the locked door of the water mill this is all you get to see….

    As we made our way to ask about the guided tours, the first thing you see is that again no pictures are allowed to be taken anywhere while on a tour, put that together with the fact that the guided tours are not run that frequently and are not in a particular language, so if you ‘sign up’ your tour could be in a language that you do not understand, while the chap behind the counter was not really interested in providing a decent explanation even though he spoke good English, so we gave up and came back outside and copied the pictures that are freely available on the information boards depicting scenes from inside…

    Inside the Abbey

    The Library

    A room somewhere in the Abbey but not sure exactly where….

    At which point we then headed back to the campsite….

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