New member Mawgie here. My wife is due for a new ride, and is currently driving her 3rd CPO Acura MDX (2011). We are moving her to a car with some active safety features. Unfortunately, she did not care for the arm rest design in the XC60, or the XC60 T6 in the showroom would be in our garage. I really liked it. We also drove a 2012 XC70, which she immediately dismissed: "I'm not a wagon girl." I, however, loved the wagon layout, and preferred it to the XC60. My mother used to have a V70 AWD, which I also liked.

I am currently in a late model full sized pickup, and do not care for lumbering around in that as a daily. Until driving the XC70 my plan was to sell the truck and buy an inexpensive daily like a VOLT or perhaps an MB e320CDI; and also pick up a used Lexus GX470 for my DIY project and recreational uses. After driving the XC70, perhaps it would work as a one shot, one kill solution. I would appreciate it if folks would weigh in on the XC70's "real life" suitability for the following uses:

1) regular, enthusiastic short-ish distance commuting (mine would be a T6!);
2) 12-25 outdoor excursions each year that required short distance driving on dirt roads; gravel roads; and occasionally on dry field edges. There are no clearance issues. I am nowhere near truly offroading in these situations, just driving around fairly smooth dirt roads on a 450 acre tree farm property doing maintenance and deer hunting;
3) daily winter driving on 4 snows in Central Upstate NY, where the roads can get nasty;
4) pulling a small utlility trailer once every couple of months to haul things like plywood,lumber, and construction waste from home DIY remodeling. Nothing heavy enough to even approach the tow limits of the Volvo, just bulky stuff that won't fit.

Second, if I find a car I like at the dealer, will they CPO it at my request and increase the price to reflect the CPO warranty? Or, must I choose from cars that are already CPO'd. (Slim pickings at my local dealer.) CPO is a requirement for me. I understand that many may differ.

Thanks very much for any assistance. Most appreciated.