I have a 2004 model S40 2.0 Diesel 140bhp

Love the car but for some reason it's been giving trouble the last 2 months..

1st the front right parks won't come on and the back left park won't come on.. then the middle brake light stays on.. I've checked the fuses and everything is fine that end " I took all the dash out for shorts in the cables as well found nothing " confused badly...

2nd it broke down the other day, garage said it was due to the alternator so 200 the next day I was back on the road for about 2 days when this light flashed and said " EL current high stop safely " followed by " Traction off " " ABS " " Power steering " as I had my girlfriend with Me and it was already -4 outside I stayed going. The front lights started to flick and dim badly by the time I got home the left dim was gone but I replaced the bulb and boom it was working again took it for a quick spin and the dash was like a Christmas tree.. ( right time of year I guess )

I don't want to sell it as I love the car can anyone please help me !

Guy who can't bare to see his Volvo die - Sean.