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    Question Safety systems, a blessing or a curse

    All volvo's have a lot of built-in safety measures, but in my MY2004 XC70 I consider most of them to be passive,
    in the sense that I don't see, hear or feal them.
    The current models have a number of more active, even intervening safety systems.
    BLIS, CTA, ACC, there a long list of these blinking, flashing, beeping and "countersteering" systems.
    I don't doubt that such things are or can be useful, life saving even.
    But what I would like to know is if here is an "annoyance factor" attached and if so, how big it is,
    eg only lightly annoyant, or simply unbearable.
    Thanks for the insights and experiences,
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    I think it depends on the drivers skills, where and how you drive.
    I've got a -98 V70 XC, only TRACS and ABS.
    About half of the year I drive on snow and ice, I've never needed ABS but it's only a little annoyance so I haven't disabled it.

    I've driven with auto and manual transmission and I wanted my V70 with manual.
    I know what gears I need and when, auto is just unbearable as it reacts so slow or I would have to use the + - shift anyway.

    I don't think I could bear a car that has active driving assistance preventing me putting the car sideways whenever I feel like it.
    Though if I would be 20 years younger or older I definitely would want one for safety.

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