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    Default Lost sheen on original rim - how can I get it back?

    Hello, not sure why one of my wheels has lost its nice sheen. Is there a known compound that can be used on this type of rims?

    04 XC70


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    Only one?
    They have a machine finish. If it just dull for some reason you can try to clean it and spray some high gloss clear and see what happens
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    If you can't restore the finish with cleaning etc there are lots of companies out there that specialise in wheel refinishing.

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    At a certain age, the wheel finish will give up the ghost...if you were careful in your cleaning, and perhaps waxed them once in a while, that age might be after you junk the car. But wash them when they're hot, or let a caustic cleaner dry on them, and the finish can be ruined while they're still young. The finish on the 4Runner's wheels started looking pretty ugly about six years ago...but then, so does the finish on the rest of the truck...

    The XC's wheels still look good. I'm careful in how I wash them. Mild cleaner (I like Griot's), soft cloth, not brush. For my T5, I simply replaced all four wheels. I had three that were out of round anyway.

    I recommend these guys:

    I've bought many wheels from them over the years and they've always been perfectly true with a great finish. New wheels are priced beyond my pain tolerance...

    For your car, looks like a Xenia is $155 with exchange. $185 straight up.
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