Tomorrow morning I'll be heading down to my local walmart parking lot to pay a visit to my XC, where it's currently residing. This afternoon, I got a "no crank" condition when I turned the key to start. I tried the key several times, locked/unlocked the doors, jiggled the starter wire, and energized the starter with a jumper wire and heard the starter spin. Still no crank, no engine turnover. Had lunch and came back 1.5 hours later, still no crank.
This happened once before about a year ago. Finally, trying to test the starter motor, I ran a wire from the positive jump terminal under the hood and touched it to the small starter motor wire. I heard a click, then went and turned the ignition key and the car started up! Coincidence?
So this is my plan of attack:
1. Try to start car with key
2. Lock/unlock 5x with remote then start car
3. Try to start car with aftermarket remote, key removed
4. Jiggle small starter wire, try to start
5. Energize small starter wire then start
6. Energize starter motor and while it's spinning, have someone turn key to start
7. Remove antenna ring and clean contacts, replace, then start

Thoughts, ideas or suggestions? Maybe something obvious I'm overlooking? I was wondering if a faulty Shift Lock Cable could be a factor but my understanding is that's only an issue if you're having problems moving the gear selector out of Park (I'm not). Also, my key turns freely between all the positions so I'm thinking a bad ignition cylinder is not the cause. The battery is less than 3 months old.
Wish me luck!