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    Default Where did my post go? Or why does my post need to be approved by a moderator?

    If you're new, and are wondering what has happened to your post, we have implemented anti-bot/spam algorithms to our forum software that picks up new user posts that contain:
    • links to websites
    • very short replies
    • links to pictures
    • contains words or phrases that match the algorithm catch-net

    Don't fret, it's all part of ensuring you can come to a forum that stops the internet baloney from infiltrating our boards.

    • If you come here expecting to sell a bumper or part out your XC right away, the security guards will catch your posting. Unfortunately, because you're not part of our community, you will have to adhere to the forums rules and regulations first that almost no one reads. Upload your pictures into your post to avoid the guards.
    • If you come here and post a problem right away with a link to a website or insert a picture, again, the guards will catch it. If it becomes annoying, send us a PM and we can approve your posting. It's a pain, but it's like complaining that a chain link fence is preventing you from entering your house - but the moment it's down, it lets in the lions and tigers and bears...oh my.
    • If you come here with a link in your signature to your business, we will ask you to remove it. Or the guards may moderate your postings. But please don't go - you can still be part of our community.
    • If after trying to post many times, and it's still moderating your posts, just send a report to the admin by clicking on the little triangle with the exclamation point - bottom left of the posting, explain your issue, and we will come in and fix it for you.

    And please let us know if you have any other forum related issue.

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