Overland to Morocco.
Winter 2015-2016

Le Fouilloux – Home (UK)

‘Good Morning’

Setting off from La Motte after a nice stay but sadly frustrated by the lack of being able to provide any update due to no Wi-Fi or Internet access on the campsite while knowing that our next 3 night were going to be exactly the same as the workload gets bigger is really no fun, but that’s life…

So we start off by making our way back over to the Route National ‘N10’ via a couple of other roads…..

Coming to this village…..

Which is a little narrow, and raises some strange looks from the locals as we pass through!….

Then we get onto the N10 and see the initial stages of the construction for making the road wider…..

After a short way along the N10 we come off and head into the town of Ruffec for a Diesel fill up at the local Supermarket .....

That done it is back on the road and around the Traffic Islands and back to the N10 towards Poitiers….

Where we find an attraction called ‘Futurscope’ with all different types, shapes & sizes of buildings in a Theme Park…..

The having passed through we come back to reality and the French Villages…..

While this is I think ‘Modern Art’ but not sure what the theme or intent is!……

Another couple of villages. Lack of traffic is because it was Sunday! …..

As we then get to the outskirts of…....

North of Tours we pass this large place and never quite sure if it is a Chateaux or some other building……

Then not much further to our night halt of Bonneval……

While the Ducks have got a lot more water to paddle around in…..

The ‘overflow’ is not letting much water go over, but the gates are quite clear of debris floating down…..

Even though it is extremely cold. The wind chill makes it feel like the temperature is below freezing, it does not stop the hardy Boules Players meeting up for a few games in the afternoon/evening….

Then as Sunset comes in…..

The church is illuminated once again…..

Then after a very cold night it’s back on the road to our final halt before we get on the road to Le Manche (The Tunnel) and back home…..

Passing through the city of…..

Then we spot this ‘vehicle’ which reminded me of a ‘New Model’ that is being ‘Road Tested’, has no identification badges and is covered in a paint that looks like it was a mixture of black and white that was two different consistencies!!.....

As we then pass through Rouen and over the Seine River…..

Skirting the Toll Road on the local roads…..

We then get onto the free section of the Toll Road passing around Boulogne…..

Then down a couple of local roads and into the village of Wissant for our last night in France before we head off to the UK in the morning…..

Sadly the weather for our trip from Wissant was not good enough for any pictures, but we did get about 2 minutes of Sunshine as we crossed over the Second Severn Crossing and the border between England & Wales!.....

That’s it Folks…..
The Fat Lady is singing as we have come to the end of this tour …..

For those who like Statistics…..

We covered just on 6800 Miles, of which 3000 were in Morocco, using just on 1000 litres of Diesel for the full trip, while once again 'Flamenco Red' never missed a beat.

While the people of Morocco made us very welcome and went out of their way to provide us with help and assistance when we needed it, and we will most definitely be going back again. ‘Inshallah’.

Thanks for coming along and we hope you found your place in the Third Seat of ‘Flamenco Red’ enjoyable and interesting, while now I try to figure out how to clean the inside of ‘Flamenco Red’ with a vacuum cleaner, plastic mac & umbrella thanks to this luvverly ‘English Weather’!