2011 Volvo XC 90

I purchased the car brand new delivered from the factory in 2011. I paid for a lot of upgrades to include the installation of the rear headphone jack sockets for the rear passengers. Four 4 years my kids have watched movies on the factory installed RSE with the wired headphones connected directly to the headphone jacks installed on each side. When you press the SEL button independently on the headphone jack socket located on either side of the car you could choose the source of audio such as radio station, cd, DVDs, etc... In fact it was the 4th push of the SEL button is when the DVDs audio came out. We enjoyed this for years as we didn't have to listen to the children movies while my wife and I enjoyed the radio or cd.

Long story short, it stopped working. We took it to Volvo and they claim we got "lucky" all of these years as you can only listen to the radio or cd through the headphone jacks. Obviously this is not true as we specifically paid for this feature and it didn't work by magic all of these years. I just want it to work again so if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. In the meantime I have been escalating this with Volvo America but the dealership claims they have been taking with them and there is nothing they can do....which is ridiculous.

Thank you.