So a few days ago I bought a 2005 V70 D5, it came up cheap on Ebay and even though the communications with the owner were rubbish to say the least I went down and bought it, mainly because it was cheap and not very far away. Car drove really well for a few hours and then not very surprisingly the transmission service warning came up on the dash and the gearchanges at low speeds had become clunky. I've got the car booked in tomorrow for an oil flush and to get the aux belt and tensioner replaced (as there's something squeeling under the bonnet and is doesnt sound healthy), is this going to cure the problem?.. I'm not doing many miles at the minute mainly due to being unemployed but if it will last a few years then I'll be more than happy for what I paid for it.

While driving home today I had to stop to fill up, before stopping the gearbox was playing up again, however after getting back in and restarting it about 5 mins later the gearbox was behaving itself again. Why does stopping and restarting stop the gearbox playing up?