Hi XC90 fans and owners
I'm contracted by a large auto manufacturer to help perform a research study on the entertainment, navigation, and connectivity suites offered on competitor cars, one of which is Volvo's Sensus.

As the new XC90 features some upgrades and improvements to Sensus compared to Volvo's other cars, the new XC90 is what they want.
However, short of buying the car, the new XC90 has proven to be a challenge to find, much less get a hold of.

The research simply involves using the car's nav and connectivity system and seeing how it works with the driver, videos and pictures will be taken. It's why a rental is necessary, as the manufacturer has no intention of taking the car apart and thus doesnt want to spend the money for a new car.
The whole project takes place around the 2nd week of November, if you or someone you know owns a 2016 XC90 in the LA/OC area and doesn't mind lending the car out, please let me know through a post or a PM.

As the XC90 is the last car on our list left unaccounted for, the owner of the car will obviously receive some serious compensation for their time.

Thanks for reading!