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    Default knocking grinding fixed! 2004 xc90

    Just thought id post my experience. 2004 xc90 2.5t 133k miles. About 1 month ago car started to get a grinding knocking noise on initial acceleration. Slowly got worse. Almost sounded like a cv joint but also made noise on initial start (Knock). Thought is was subframe bushings . they got replaced but were fine. Ended up being the engine mount on passenger side behind p/s tire. It had collapsed and shaft? metal was resting on frame. So engine would let shaft tap the frame when torqued or pulling in or out of parking space. Pretty easy fix (took about 1 hr)

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    I may be having this problem as well. I'm hearing a grinding noise on acceleration only. I let off the gas and it stops. Haven't noticed the sound happening in reverse. I do hear the sound when shifting from Park to Drive but it's very light. Don't hear the sound going from Drive to Park. I don't suppose you took any pictures?

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