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    Question Multiple Oil Leaks Please Help! *2002 V70 XC AWD

    Hello! I have a 2002 Volvo V70 XC AWD.

    It used to only have a very small leak from the charge air pipe on the driver side (it's a US car), but I recently changed my oil, and since then, the leak has gotten larger, and other areas have started leaking too.

    Instead of rambling for several paragraphs, I decided to assemble a video and upload it to YouTube. I included background info about my car, symptoms, photos, and what I think might be happening.
    Please, if you have any idea of what is happening/has happened, and/or how to remedy the problem, post a reply here or leave a comment on the YouTube video.

    I truly appreciate any help offered!

    Click here to watch the video.

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    I would think if your pcv system was clogged it'd blow out a cam seal before blowing out a seal in your turbo. I believe there are 2 circuits in the pcv system. One operates at idle and the other during driving rpm. Are you burning/using oil? Looks like you need to a good cleaning of the intercooler lines.

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    The hose on my car that attaches to the over the engine pipe on the front of the car was nasty and oily looking, but it was just deterioration of the rubber hose. Some oil is normal in there, and there wasn't a whole lot in mine.

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