Hi Folks,

I am working through whether to buy a V8 or D5 XC90.

The V8 is impressive, but a D5 with a ECU Rework still gets me circa 187kw/500nm torque, so at this stage whilst the D5 might not have the Kw - I suspect a D5 with ECU will give me a 0-100 in circa mid to late 7secs, where as the V8 should be early 7secs.

Who has ECU/Chipped a D5? What sort of performance improvements have you seen?

I've only seen one ECU for the V8 and the performance improvements are not really that good. Has anyone done any significant performance improvements on a V8?

Finally any tips on what needs replacing or what to look out for. I am thinking MY07/MY08 vintage. Aside from full service history any other big problems I should know about?