Hi Folks,

I am considering buying either XC90 V8 or D5 circa 2007-2008. I am happy to buy either with 100K on the clock as i see this as just 'run' in. More importantly I am trying to work out what performance upgrades can be applied.

For the D5 I can re work the ECU and it looks like get somewhere in the region of 184kw / 550nm torque (BSR or HEICO ECU)

The only ECU upgrade I can find for the V8 is the VIVA Performance (http://www.vivaperformance.com/xc90-...ware-upgrades/) which pushes the V8 to circa 257Kw and 479nm. Has anybody done this?

The XC90 will be used by the wife and we will tow a 1000kg caravan on school holidays.

Despite the great noise of the V8, I'm thinking I'll go the D5 particularly given the Torque figures - I'm a big fan of the low down pull.

I am guessing that the D5 Chipped should have a 0-100km time somewhere around mid-seven seconds and the V8 would be early 7s?

Who has a chipped D5? What sort of performance are you getting, any problems? Who did you get it chipped with?

Who has a V8? How have you enhanced the performance?

Finally anything else I should look out for - aside from the usual service history etc...etc..

many thanks