I drive a 2001 V70xc and about a month ago i started having issues with my Volvo. it started with it stalling when trying to go faster then 25MPH, it eventually just stopped accepting gas due to a code that appeared on the car, it had something to do with the ETM (Electronic Throttle Module). to confirm it i had a mechanic come on by, the next day after finding out about this code, and he said the same thing, i just needed to replace the ETM. so i went ahead and bought one from a dealer ship in town here, installed it, had the Volvo towed back to the dealer ship and had it programmed to the Volvo ( I would of just had it sent over to begin with but that was before i realized it was something that had to be programmed).

After all that hassle over the ETM i pick it up from the dealership and drive home, well anyway on the way home the engine turned itself off half way home every time i would break at a stop light or a stop sign, essentially every time my RPMs dropped the engine would shut off. after getting it home i let it sit for a while to cool down.

after a while i tryed turning it back on and now it's having issues with sitting on Idle. it normally would set at about 1000 RPMs on idle but now it sits between 200 and 700 RPMs, like it will just back and forth between the two acting like its going to shut off unless i give it some gas, i then replace the TCV (Turbo Control Valve) just hoping it would help but not even close, still having the same issue with it sitting on idle and turning it'self off, im having one hell of a time trying to figure out what is actually wrong with it.

the last code that came up is P1238, Witch is why i replaced the TCV to begin with but after erasing the code when i installed the new TCV it popped right back on.

Please tell me some good news because i'm getting tired of ridding my bike to work everyday!