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    I was getting MAF codes and did a bunch of things (smoke test, swapped good MAF in, etc) with no luck. Finally removing and cleaning gummed up throttle body solved problem. My theory is throttle was sticking and not closing fully (I could see abrasions on throttle body where plate was dragging on build up). As a result MAF readings didn't correspond to throttle command. Hence the MAF codes, even though it was reading correctly. I removed manifold to do throttle cleaning, and also threw in an IPD phenolic throttle body spacer as thermal break to protect throttle body while I was at it.

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    VIDA always pointed to faulty MAF, however, the old and new MAF have the same codes pop up.

    Throttle body is cleaned about 1 year ago.

    I think I found the culprit, there is a leak at air charge pipe... at the screw stand which tight to manifold.

    The symptom : lack of power. You cannot feel it in normal drive. If I floor the pedal, oh ya, something is wrong, lack of power for sure.

    I will glue it and update later.
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    After glue the air charge pipe and travelled for 100km, no more fault code of MAF signal too high nor flow too high. The more important thing.... power is backed!!! I hope this is the end of story and no more update afterwards 😅


    MAF signal too high or flow too high, potential causes:
    1) faulty MAF
    2) MAF ground wire problem
    3) boost leak - turbo air charge pipe leak (my case)

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    If the glue doesnt hold, a new charge air pipe is still available.

    Im glad you solved the problem.

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