Now I'm stumped and before taking it to a dealership, is there anyone who can suggest what this OBD code translates to on a Volvo?

P003F - Intake (A) camshaft profile control suck on. Bank 2. It's accompanied by cylinder misfire OBD codes

This happened on my 2008 XC70 with the 3.2L motor. I thought the failed component was the Camshaft Position Impulse Sensor, part number 30713599. I bought an identical OEM part, swapped it out, but the same codes have returned. Except for the check engine light showing and a slight engine hesitation (misfire), there is no other symptoms.

The first time this happened, I reset the P003F code and it did not return for several weeks. There were no cylinder misfires at first, but now the codes return after a short <20 km drive.

I've previously had mice chewing through wires on top of the engine and have inspected the wiring looms for obvious areas to inspect. I'm now at a loss of where to look next.

I need to get this resolved before December since I need the Ontario emission test performed before I get my license plate sticker.

All suggestions welcome ...... Cam