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    Default A/C - Defroster - front seat heater controls have no power.

    Mystery of the Universe
    I went to the car this morning to find no A/C. It worked fine yesterday. Upon further inspection, the defroster and front seat heaters are also inop. This is my daily driver and there was no prior warning or reduced efficiency. Just, Poof!

    The instrument quadrant for these three functions seems to have no power. The problem occurred suddenly, from one evening to the following morning, and all three had operated satisfactorily prior to the problem. I checked all three fuse boxes for a/c related fuse failures and found none. I'm new to auto electrics, so I suspect, but do not know for sure the problem might be a relay?

    The symptom is pretty simple: there appears to be no power to any of the controls in this quadrant. While the seat heaters are no problem at the moment, the A/C would be nice, given summer in Florida. Plus the defroster is required from time to time.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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    First, check for a blown fuse. If you find one, replace it with one of the same amperage. If that one blows there is an internal problem somewhere, but fuses can occasionally go on their own. My old 240 would occasionally blow the main fuel pump fuse with predictable results.

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    I hope it isn't but perhaps your climate control module has died....
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