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    I voted with my wallet!
    After 4 Volvo's since 1987 and three XC70's, the XC70 platform is positively ancient.
    I test drove a new XC90 and liked the ride better in our 2011 XC70.
    The dismal gas mileage of the T6 was worse than our 2011 XC70!
    The premium for the T8 was crazy, no way you recoup the cost.
    I ordered an AWD Porsche 911 C4 to replace my 2003 XC70.
    Different cars, I know. but the winters here in Wisconsin have gotten much warmer in the last 40 years and our Township now has it's own plows so we don't get plowed by the coutry once perday whether we need it or not!
    The C4 can handle 3"-4" of snow and after that we don't go out anyway.
    Maybe down the road when a new XC wagon with good gas mileage becomes available, we will replace the 2011 XC70?
    I'm given Cayenne's for loaners so I have a good idea of the comparison to the new XC90.
    There are plenty of good vehicles, safe, on the road today.-Richard
    '11 XC70 Silver/Off Black-Hers
    '03 XC70 Silver/Charcoal-His
    '99 XC70 Silver/Charcoal -Granddaughter's
    '87 740GLE Junk Yard@287K miles
    2013 Porsche Boxster
    2017 Porsche C4S

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    This is just a quick thanks to those of you who responded to this thread, which I started over six months ago. In general, and for the most part, it appears that respondents, especially those of you who've owned Volvos for years, seem to be happy with the quality of your purchases. That said, however, there also seems to be a fair amount of dissatisfaction with the direction in which Volvo's management is going in terms of increasing the costs of these vehicles beyond the budgets of many interested buyers (e.g., the new XC-90), as well as ridiculously high depreciation rates for trade-in Volvos, many of which have been pampered by their owners. And that is a shame.

    Like a few of you who graciously shared your opinions, I too have considered several other top-ranked makes and models, including Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Acura and so on, but still come back to Volvo for the usual reasons - exceptional engineering, safety, comfort, reliability and so on. And also like some if not most of you, my previous Volvos all had well over a hundred thousand (in one case, over 225,000) miles before trading them in. In addition, I've had them either dealer or Indy serviced (I never touch them myself; I had a wrench in my basement once but couldn't sleep until I got it to hell out of the house :-)

    The one I have now is a 2012 XC70, and like all the others I've owned, I absolutely love and will continue to be thrilled with everything about it......that is until about the ten year mark when the nickle and diming starts and then turns into quarters and half dollars. Then I'm not sure what I'll do. So far I have a pretty good handle on the types of warts that likely will erupt and I'll do what I am able to prevent or fix them.

    Or who knows, probably just wishful thinking on my part (and those of you I'd heard from), but maybe by then Volvo leadership will have read threads similar to this one, and have gotten the message that it may not be a bad idea to consider the views and opinions of the largest segment of their stakeholders - Volvo loyalists who truly would prefer not to abandon ship and turn elsewhere, but will if the costs of these remarkable cars become prohibitive.

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    Totally agree with all your comments Champ324.

    When we learnt that our 5 year old XC70 had lost 80% of what it cost while the price of a new replacement with the additions that we had installed in the current one I though Volvo was having a laugh!

    So far we haven't covered the mileage that you wrote about, but the way the car is running and with the TLC that it gets there should be no reason to stop us reaching it as other Volvo's have been with us for 10+ years before changing.

    As for the Volvo 'Saviour' (AKA XC90) as one salesman said: "It's a status symbol for the majority of owners"

    While being 4 Pot, overweight, under powered, car with a few more gizzmos than it's predecessor I can understand his comments as well.

    Bit like a Range Rover (AKA 'Chelsea Tractor'!

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