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    Default 2003 XC70 with rapid front tire wear

    I just replaced the front tires with new matching (ie matching the rear tires), After 6000 km or so I have noticed the front tires are actually more worn than the rear (with about 30,000 km) wear is even but the front tires have less than 50% life!! They also look older than the rear ones. Tires have been rotated, I know this is important
    Any suggestions? ABS traction control unit faulty? I'm grasping at straws and will replace the tires as a warranty claim but this is likely not the fix ie bad tires

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    Alignment or AWD is not working.

    If the alignment is off you are scrubbing the tires away every meter.

    AWD is not working, the front will take all the abuse when accelerating.
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    My bet would be alignment. Make sure all your front end components are in good shape before you have it aligned or it will be ineffective.

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    I've got $5 on LCA bushings that are completely gone. Constantly changing alignment...
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    Miles? Worn tie-rod ball joints is another possibility if miles are high (or less common a leaking steering rack). But I think you usually get some front end shakes when this is the care. With tire off the ground, hold at 3 and 9 o'clock and twist to see if ball joints are worn. Make sure you are feeling the ball joint play rather than the steering column play when locked.
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