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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Return to Falun to visit the city.…

    As the parking was nice and BIG and also free we returned to the mine and parked up there then set off into the city….

    Leaving the mine we came very soon to some of the older property in the town while it was possibly inhabited by the Miners & their families these houses have been greatly expanded as you will see a bit later…..

    Coming into the city centre we see one of the old Swedish Telephone Boxes….

    While the older houses appear all over the lower part of the city….

    We then come to Kristine Kyrka…..

    As the importance of the city is reflected in the inside of the church…..

    One of the Coats of Arms inside the church…..

    While in another part of the city we see this Joker on a fountain….

    As we then find the original Miners House in which he lived with his Wife & 5 Children! Well come on, there was no Television in those days!…..

    While making sure there was no one at home we looked in through the windows and saw…..

    The door on the left side in the next picture did lead out to the outside….

    As we saw the other side of the door when we looked over the fence….

    Fire station….

    While further over we see a number of streets with wooden houses in but all of them have been expanded from the original Miners homes….

    As we saw when one man invited us to have a look in his ‘backyard’….

    The left hand side building in the next picture was from when the Coppermine was operational but was all boarded up and looked to be no longer in use, while the site was being used by SWECO….

    As the river ran past…..

    Next we came to the old ‘Booze Warehouse’ as the Miners received part of their wages in Liquor, but the building which had Metal covers on all the windows is now being used as a central archive for the Coppermine…..

    Fresh Water Pump House…..

    As the Tourist Information Office was virtually outside town, we went into the Bibliotek to ask a few questions which was decorated for a children’s event that was due to take place…..

    The Dalarna Horse….

    Then moving from the lower part of the city…..

    We make our way to the upper part and the affluent section in which all the land was originally owned by one man. This part of the city is called Bergalid…..

    While we think the large building at the rear was his Mother’s house…..

    As we then see a statue of a lady who won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature….

    As we pass a very large wooden house which was opposite to the Hospital.

    Falun was the first city to get a large size hospital due to the number of accidents in the mine, in fact the city got it’s hospital before Stockholm did…..

    Back down on the river and time for lunch in a Fairtrade Café in the Bibliotek which was very pleasant and not expensive….

    While up in the city square as they get ready for the National Day celebrations we spot this old Volvo in very good condition….

    While a little bit further away is Barbie’s Street Cleaner!
    I always thought she was a ‘Lady of Leisure’?

    Making our way back to Falu Gruva and the car park we pass this Skate Board & BMX Park….

    After a short trip we come to our next campsite Lesjöbyns Camping which to be honest we found to be a bit run down in terms of facilities.…..

    Next stop involves some ‘Pisted’ roads as we are heading to meet some friends who live here in Sweden and we met in Portugal last year, so we will see how the roads go!

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Losfors to Bosjon via Hagfors.…

    As the camera that my good lady uses as we are travelling finally ‘died’ as we came into Falun on the second day, the other camera which is normally used as we go wandering around has had to step in, but the pictures are not as good, well we don’t think so.

    A short trip but with a small diversion as we went into a nearby small town for a look around….

    Going across some of the side roads we can’t help notice how water logged the ground is…..

    As we then come to the outer traffic island of ‘Hagfors’ which is the small town we have diverted to have a look at….

    Town hall (Very Modern!)…..

    While down by the river which runs through the town all is very peaceful…..

    Until you walk over to the other side of the bridge and sluice gates, then all hell breaks lose!…..

    While back on dry land, there are some nice older buildings around …..

    As we then move into one of the streets in the centre….

    As we make our way back to the parking area we pass this old building that has been converted into an upmarket restaurant, that also serves a fixed price lunch which is handy for the Steelworks just around the corner….

    Not sure what this large wheel did but it was donated by Hagfors Lions in 1974….

    Back on the road and it wasn’t long before we are rolling along on the Forest Roads to see our friends in Bosjon….

    Some ones ‘Summer House’ with a nice view across the lake….

    Good job the brakes are OK as we came down this rather steep ‘Piste Road’ incline as we also needed to make a left hand turn at the bottom and NOT try to go or slide straight on! …..

    As we then get to Bosjon we find a surprise waiting for us as it was the first place that Steel Making in Sweden took place a long time ago with the ruins of the steel mill left behind…..

    I could see a large hole at the bottom of the building and was hoping that the room at the side of the rock was big enough to squeeze past but it wasn’t to be as the stone had been placed to stop any entry due to the possibility of collapse inside…..

    While the bricks in the wall had a green substance which was from the Slag….

    I found one of the ‘Bricks’ from out of the wall lying on the ground and trying to pick it up, it felt extremely heavy, so it stayed where it was! …..

    Then as we got to our friends house we see his Volvo ‘Forest Vehicle’ that he uses to haul logs out of the forest to use for winter fuel….

    As tomorrow is Sweden’s National Day when everyone celebrates we are planning to take a trip into the nearest town which is Filipstad and watch the festivities…..

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    Another nice batch of pictures. Glad to see that you are getting good weather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    Another nice batch of pictures. Glad to see that you are getting good weather.

    It was nice to get back online yesterday and do some 'catching up' although the Bibliotek in Hagfors were very accommodating and let me use their Wi-Fi to put a couple of updates on until my battery ran out!

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Bosjon and Filipstad on Sweden's National Day.…

    We set off this morning on a trip via the forest roads with our friends to Filipstad to see the National Day celebrations and having arrived in the town where it was raining lightly, we spotted the enthusiasts who had brought their classic cars in…..

    The first one from 1958 was an NSU Prinz……

    With a small two cylinder engine in the rear….

    While the next was a Volvo Sport 544 which still has the original owner looking after it! It has covered 500,000 Miles while the owner explained that it had to be re-sprayed as his polishing took the original paint off the roof so it ended up with a ‘Bald Patch’!!
    The car is still in daily use and uses no engine oil, while it is on its second engine….

    Next up is an American De -So-To which was bought in Denmark and brought over to Sweden…..

    Then a short while later this car arrived, as the rain stopped….
    A Model T Ford…..

    As a recently re-sprayed Austin A30 rolled up!…..

    Followed by a Bubble Car, which I was told had the canvas roof as a safety requirement which allowed the passengers to get out or be removed if the car was damaged at the front and the door could not be opened as it went across the front!.....

    While parked up by the wall was this Fuchs 1952 Gasoline Engine Powered Bicycle, which could give a few ‘E-Bikes’ (Battery Assisted Bicycle) a run for their money!.....

    As we moved down towards the Tourist Information Office, we could see Blue & Yellow Balloons along with small Swedish flags being brought out and given to the townsfolk…..

    As this young lady was really into the spirit of the occasion…..

    Then the parade started to get together…..

    And a short time later set off along the main street with the music being played by members of the music school…..

    As we got into the small area by the river the master of ceremonies up on the stage said a few words then after a count of 1, 2, 3 all the balloons were released into the sky….

    While a couple of minutes later the music school started to entertain us with different pieces of music….

    We did spot one little girl in National Costume….

    While another little girl gave a very nice performance of a popular Swedish song that brought tears to the eyes of a few people in the audience.….

    As I then spotted some ‘Musical Bananas’ being played by these two boys at the back of the stand!….
    I was told by the Bandmaster that he thought they contained grains of rice, but he wasn’t sure…..

    After departing to a local Café for a very welcome coffee and cream cake decorated with a small National Day flag we made our way back to Bosjon and went for a troll down to the lake at our friends house …..

    And there it is…..

    While the boats wait to be put back in now that all the ice has gone….

    As we took seat and listened to the ‘Thundering Silence’ as the Tourist Office call it, and it was very nice just to relax…….

    Tomorrow is planned to be a real lazy one, so for us it will be feet up and chill out…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Bosjon to Torso.…

    As our short stay with our friends in Bosjon came to an end it was time to get back on the road and head off to our next stop in Torso, but first we have to get out of the forest and the piste roads!…..

    10 Miles and we are back on tarmacadam….

    As our friend in Bosjon told us about the Canal System in Sweden which up here goes all the way across to Stockholm we decided to have a look at part of it by going along a different road with less traffic, and it wasn’t long before we got to one of the lock gates….

    The difference in the height of the water between the two lock gates is over 16ft…..

    As we then set off down the tree lined road.....

    We had just turned onto the main ‘Inlandsvagen’ once again when we could not believe our eyes as this Moose stepped out crossing the road, which meant a scramble for the camera, turn it on, wait for it to set itself up and my good lady just got the picture before it stepped over the crash barrier and went off into the forest! .....

    As we pulled into a layby with a nice view over the lake at the side for a break and a drink, my eyes could not believe what I saw lying in the grass just at the edge of the water!
    It was a plastic camping ‘Porta Potti’ which had been dumped by some callous individual who has no respect whatsoever….

    OK, do we go left or right?…..

    We went left and came to a main road where we turned right and headed for this bridge that looked a bit like a Ski-Ramp and had a distinctive curve in it…..

    Then after a couple more miles we arrive at Reception of Skräddaretorps Camping which is the Mobile Home, while the ‘Camper’ alongside is what the owners toddle off to Southern Europe with for the Winter, after they close down the campsite! ….

    The campsite itself is just a large open area, with a number of electric hook up points in place …..

    While on the far side of the field is the one Dish Washing & Shower facility.
    The Shower is behind the ‘Keyhole’ half doors, while a wooden ‘lock’ on the inside of the doors covers the ‘keyhole’ when someone is inside!….

    Hot water is provided by a Black Coiled Pipe on the roof but also backed up with an electric water heater, but I had to think how hot the water would be if there was a queue of people waiting to use the shower as the site has 40 places….

    Time for a walk along the coast, so off we go through the woods ducking under or climbing over the fallen trees!.….

    New ‘moss’….

    A nice little island in the bay….

    OK, so what’s he found now?….

    It was 3 rather large Mushrooms, but the Sunshine had burnt them, so they were left in place…….

    As the campsite was identified as having Internet Access but in fact didn’t we decided to stay just the one night although we had planned to stay for 3.

    So it’s back on the road again tomorrow…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Torso to Värnamo and a trip into the town.…

    As we left Torso we got a better view of the ‘Bendy Bridge’!……

    Even though this half was straight….

    A traffic island on the way to the E4 which is the Swedish ‘Motorway’….

    As we pass this Trabant Motor Car sat on the roof of a fuel station on the opposite side of the road…..

    Not long and we are at the traffic island sign for our exit from the E4….

    Then the side road which was narrow in places to slow you down!....

    As we come to the campsite entrance…..

    While already set up on the campsite is this 42 Year Old ‘SMV’ Caravan which has Electric Brakes and everything still works!…..

    After getting set up as the town centre was not far away we decided to set off on the bikes to go and ‘explore’ so off we went, and these are the results as it was a rather nice place….

    We get to the river which runs through the centre of the town….

    ‘Tingshus’ which is the Town Courthouse…..

    While in the square in front of the Courthouse in front and the Town Hall at the side are …..

    And some rather interesting little sculptures from characters who appeared in Stockholm Drama Theatre…..

    Moving on we pass some brightly coloured shops…..

    While this Dutch Barn shaped building is a small Hotel…..

    This building is a restaurant being refurbished….

    With some nice wooden carvings holding up the front of the roof which is being re-tiled…..

    River view from the bridge as we come back into the town with the sun behind us, make it look like a brilliant sunrise!....

    While the river bottom looked…….interesting!....

    More ‘exploring tomorrow!…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A day around Värnamo by bike and on foot.…

    With a bright blue sky and a temperature that climbed up to 23C we decided very quickly to get out and go pedalling on a couple of the cycle routes that are available around the town and off into the countryside……

    As we set off we see this rather nice Dutch Barn style house on the outskirts….

    As we then get into the countryside we come to the hunting practice range, with signs along the road to keep an eye out for Bears!….

    While in a farm just a bit further on is this little fella….

    As we came to a dead end we turned around and headed back into and across the town and out the other side to initially follow the river…..

    As we then found ourselves in a suburb called Apladalen ….

    At the top of a large lake…..

    With some people swimming on the far side and a sandy beach, while set back were Washrooms with hot water, hand dryers and lights inside!…..

    As we then set off down the opposite side of the river….

    Passing this area set up for Basketball, 5 A Side Football, while the ‘Pink’ rectangle on the right is a 100 Meters Sprinting Strip and at the back is the Swimming Pool (BAD)

    Next stop was a Café attached to a church were this little ‘Grab’ was used to pick up the sugar lumps from the bowl to put in your coffee!….

    Even sitting outside under the canopy it was HOT!....

    While just outside were a couple of nice flower displays…..

    Came back to the ‘TinTent’ for some lunch and just after we heard a band start playing close by, so shoes back on and off we went by foot to investigate!….
    Spotting a large crowd of people gathered on a field some with what looked like placards on long sticks…..

    As we get to the front of the crowd we spot the brass band….

    While the placards have pictures of the student when very small as it is their passing out day today!....

    With a group of baton twirling Majorettes, twirling in time to the Brass Band!...

    Then the doors opened and all the graduating students came out to shouts, cheers, whistle blowing and everyone waving while the students were trying to also pick out their picture being held up by their parents…..

    As we then managed to meet up with a few.
    This was Fanny who has graduated in Hotel Management and has a job in the town…

    Followed by Anton who has graduated in Civil Engineering and starts work on Monday, so no holidays for him!…..

    Then there was Kajsa-Stina who graduated in Hospital Care….

    While the merriment continued we make our way back and see this rather large Cadillac fitted out like a Hearse, and looking like it had a ‘row’ with a tree in the forest….

    Heading further South tomorrow for our last few days in Sweden….

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Värnamon to???

    Took our time setting off this morning as we didn’t have far to go… or so we thought!…

    Our stop was to have been a campsite called Rybo Vandrarhem & Gårdscafé, at a place called Tyringe, but when we arrived after looking at the website where it looks really nice, the real thing was not at all like the pictures and looked more like a scrap yard with 2 horses in the back field!
    Then as I went to get some water out of the tap it came in a brown colour with bits in, so we packed up and got back on the road…..

    As we came off the major road onto a side road as we were now heading towards the town of Landskrona and it looked like a few people were out in their vintage cars as we managed to catch the back end of this one….

    Then passing through a small village with a ‘Flea Market’ in progress we came to some roadworks which were a bit tight and bendy for us, while the BIG Trucks with the L..O..N..G..Trailers were really struggling to get through!….

    As we then came back to the Motorway we see these rather strange ‘Vented’ Golf Balls on the opposite side….

    Passing this rather strangely shaped Church ….

    We then got to Lundåkahamnen, which is Landskrona Yatch Mooring, pulled in and got set up when a man in a car from the site came up and told us the site was for Campers (Motorhomes/RV’s) only!
    After then advising him that I had spoken to their Office and we were told OK he would not accept it and the person I had spoken to was out in his boat and not taking telephone calls, so we had to once again pack up and get out!

    So that left us in a bit of a dilemma to say the least….

    After once again consulting a couple of catalogues we set off again heading for Landskrona Campingclubb in a small place called Glumslöv which has 3 places for ‘visitors’ and after confirming with the warden that I was not an Irishman with a number of other caravans hidden around the corner waiting for me to get in and they would then follow we were allowed to stay as certain groups from the UK have been causing ‘problems’!

    The site is really nice and apart from the question has not changed in 5 years as we stayed here when we went on our first Arctic Circle Tour in 2010.

    Out for a day tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be nice, but cannot check as the site has no internet access….
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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A day out in Landskrona…

    Woke up this morning and opened the ‘TinTent’ door to see this Hare in the campsite looking for food which was a bit of a surprise until I found out that the site is on the edge of a Nature Reserve…..

    Then under a beautiful blue sky we set off for Landskrona, and after finding a car park that was good for 48 hours we set off into the town with the first stop at the Tourist Office which provided a map for a walking tour so we then made our way to the Town Hall to start…..

    Not sure who this person was as there was no information board nearby…..

    Going along the inner quay past some very nice waterside flats….

    You first go around in a circle and back to the Stadhus….

    While then turning left and coming to this very big church, but as there was a service in progress we could not go inside….

    Then we find ourselves in a large park with this large stone set in a stone square with the drill marks down the sides from where it was cut out.
    One side was still in its natural format….

    While the other side was highly polished….

    While just opposite were two teams competing in a game of Mini Golf….

    We then got to the Moat of the Citadell…..

    With a full explanation on one side of the plaque…..

    While on the other side was a map with a red spot to indicate where you were….

    Then over the bridge we go….

    As we set off around the outside to see how BIG it was….

    Directly in front in the round tower was the Prison, with the smaller barred windows that used to be ‘home’ for a number of vagrants and women prisoners who were serving life sentences…..

    This large building was the former Officers wing and then Hospital for the Citadell….

    Soldiers accomodation

    Prison entrance….

    Citadell description before and now….

    Former female prisoners held in the Citadell…..

    Textile workshop in the prison were the women made mattresses

    On the way to the washrooms…..

    New life at the inner moat of the citadel…..

    Across the outer moat to the oldest Allotments in Sweden…..

    This place had 1906 on the building…..

    While some of the buildings are still being used for vegetable growing….

    Information plague….

    Out then and back into the town….

    Then down one of the older streets in the town….

    We come to the main square with one half of the building covered for roof repair & cleaning up….

    Traffic island….

    Then another interestingly shaped church…..

    Then it was off to a café for coffee and then back to the campsite…..

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