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    Door? Car or Tin Tent?

    I think your transport and accommodation are trying to tell you something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    Door? Car or Tin Tent?

    I think your transport and accommodation are trying to tell you something.
    Naa, back on the road today and rolling along happily!

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A day in Jokkmokk

    Kick off with a few pictures of the campsite which has so far been the most expensive on the trip for Power at £4/Night ($6)….

    Facilities ‘Cabin’…..

    While from right to left in the next picture we have the owners house, garbage hut and us, while the building on the far left has a cheese making facility inside as the campsite manufactures their own brand of cheese…..

    Campsite centre…

    Next up was a trip into Jokkmokk as the campsite is outside of the town….
    So we called into the Tourist Bureau to get some information for our run tomorrow which confirmed our suspicions about not using our proposed route but making an 80 mile diversion as some of the smaller roads we hoped to go on could be blocked/impassable with the snow…..

    Sami sculpture outside the Tourist Bureau….

    Main road through Jokkmokk…..

    Henrik Adolf Widmark, the founder of Jokkmokk Parish…

    There are 2 churches in Jokkmokk, this one which looks a bit like a fairy castle!....

    While the other church ‘Gamla Kyrka’ in the picture below we understand should have been built in Ardvisjaur and that one in Arvidsjaur built in Jokkmokk but someone got the plans mixed up while this one has a secret that not many people know about…..

    On three sides the church has a wooden ‘wall’ around it….

    While on the inside of the wall are small openings….

    In winter because the ground was so hard, if you passed away, your body would be placed inside one of those compartments until the ground was soft enough to be able to prepare your grave, as the graves were prepared using just hand tools..…

    The view through the church window, while the glass was a rather funny shape and not clear. All the doors of the church were locked…..

    While the bell tower stood outside….

    As we went back into town and saw this ‘Log Truck’ parked behind I did think of asking the driver how long it would take using his load to build a Log Cabin as he seemed to have enough for the job!

    Walking over to the supermarket for some items we pass a sports shop and in the window was an item that I am sure every fisherman would love for Christmas while the name caused a few chuckles as we have not got a clue what you could or would use a ‘Wiggler Pimpleset’ for, but clearly people in Sweden do….

    Then just to finish it off we find this ‘Extra Limp Loaf’! Wrong yeast maybe?

    Back on the road tomorrow but not on the initially planned route which was East across country to Finland.
    We now have to go back South, then a little bit East before we then go back North via a different road in Finland!

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    Your Wiggler Pimpleset looks like it is an ice fishing set. Maybe your loaf is limp due to the cold? At least it is a classic limp loaf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    Your Wiggler Pimpleset looks like it is an ice fishing set. Maybe your loaf is limp due to the cold? At least it is a classic limp loaf.
    I would never have guessed it was for Ice Fishing, while I think the other was a Yeast 'problem' as it was quite warm inside the Supermarket!

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    From Jokkmokk via Boden, Haparanda & Tornio to Rovaniemi

    OK so here we go on the re-planned route due to the possibility of not being able to complete the old plan of going across country thanks to Mother Nature…..
    But first we have to negotiate the section of roadworks as we come out of Jokkmokk which although short was deeper and steeper than some of the chasms we have encountered in Morocco!

    Nice clear morning but temperature was still 0C….

    Hey Ho, Southbound and back across the Arctic Circle we go….

    At least the road was clear….

    Narrow bridge up ahead! Breathe OUT and hold it, in the rear seats please as we don't want to scrape the sides!!!…. Thanks!

    No it wasn’t a campsite it was a house with a Kabe Caravan parked outside…..

    The village of Harads.…

    Seen a few other ‘TinTent’s on the road and some of the drivers give you a wave as you pass each other….

    OH No it’s a ‘Bear in the Air’ or it might have been an Army Helicopter from the base in Army Base in the town of Boden….

    Next up was the ‘Centrum’ of Boden..…

    OK, so your Swedish ‘Postman Pat’ gets a Three Wheeler with Studded Winter Tyres, now that is what I call ‘One-up-manship’! ….

    Couple of nice murals on the ends of buildings…..

    Not quite a ‘Space Loo’ but at least it had Hot water and a hand dryer!

    Cor….A Purple Road Sweeper! I think some people would be embarrassed driving one of them in the UK!

    Don’t know why, as we were on our way out of town but this building was a glass case around a Train Engine….

    We head off out of Boden to Tore on a non major road, but as it is used by numerous Log Trucks then it should be OK….

    Lunch stop on a new ‘Layby’ and it was the only one we saw on the road all the way to Tore….

    Now on the E4 towards Kallix and we are passed by a rather nice American Motor which a lot of Swedish people have a passion for owning….

    While on the outskirts of Kallix is the massive wood mill….

    Across the river is a rather nice church with BIG Bell Tower….

    Then after the traffic island is the large shopping centre….

    Further along is a small Museum….

    After a quick stop for fuel as ‘Flamenco Red’ is consuming slightly more than normal but I think it is due to the cold weather affecting overall performance, we are soon coming to the signs for…..

    As we cross the border, while the passports remain securely stowed away….

    The old Finnish Border Post….

    You can tell you are in Finland with the long spelling of quite a few of the place names….

    As we hang a left onto the E75 and get the nice ‘Welcome’ sign….

    Think this is a replica of a Wild Boar….

    Heading North once again to go back over the Arctic Circle in….

    As we come out of a Lidl carpark and roll up to the traffic lights we spot this ‘Hot Rod’…..

    As the E75 gets into Rovaniemi there is some major reconstruction of one of the bridges as well as some of the road so we are then going in different directions to get around it….

    Then through the short tunnel….

    While a few milometers further on we see the sign for…..

    There it is on the right hand side….

    Pull in through the entrance and turn right….

    Where we find the sign and area for….

    So we try to pick a flat spot….

    While at the back of this area are the 74 Holiday Cottages and by January 2015 everyone was booked for Christmas 2015!

    This is the building for Reception, Souvenirs, Restaurant & Coffee Bar….

    While just inside the entrance this is the welcome…..

    While the different souvenirs to choose from is mind boggling….

    As we then go for a walk around outside we see yet another Souvenir shop….

    Then along the path to the building where you can meet Santa, but as it was after 17:00hrs he was off with his Elves somewhere for the evening….

    Then we get the chance to have 50/50 on the Arctic Circle line….

    While at the end of the line just in front of this building is a list of the cities around the world and how far they are from here….

    Then we find Santa’s Post Office, which is the main office for all the correspondence from children all around the world who drop him a line, and get a reply….

    As the Sun sets at around 10:30…..

    Tomorrow sees us back on the E75 to Ivalo…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Rovaniemi to Ivalo

    Even though we were some distance away from Santa Claus Village Centre I am sure that they played Christmas Music all night over the Public Address System, which gave us an early start and a chance to call into a place 6 miles down the road to have breakfast on the lake side….

    The path to the lakeside…

    In the Hut on the right in the centre is a wood fuelled fire, while around the wall inside are benches….
    While the Hut on the left is a Wood Store of pieces all cut for fuel for the fire…

    The collection of Huts….

    Breakfast over and it was back on the road passing a house that looked like it was trying to keep the Reindeer away by hanging a couple of skins on the outside wall….

    While just up the road not the least bit bothered by the passing traffic were these two…..

    Next up along the road was MARTTA and her collection of….

    Sledges for Summer & Winter….

    With a rather nice Windmill in the garden….

    And this pair of Toads to greet you as you went in the entrance….

    A short while later we came to this very wide section of road which we understand can be used as an Aircraft Runway in very bad snow conditions when roads are impassable….

    While a short distance away was our intended destination had we come across country from Jokkmokk…..

    Then just up the road from Sodankylä we see this man out on the ice….

    Zoom in and he is Ice Fishing, as the Ice cutting tool is just on the right of him….

    The hole is cut, the fishing line dropped through it and he is now ‘wiggling’ as his arm moves up and down trying to get a fish on the lure! He was also dressed in black clothing which with the sunshine would have kept him warm as he sat there….

    Saw a lot of Silver Birch trees bent over like this and was told that it was due to the amount of snow that had fallen and stuck to the branches as the weight of the snow bent the tree over while it then assumed the shape permanently….

    While on Conifer Trees it broke them…..

    Never knew Finland had any Canals until we passed this one….

    A Sami ‘Factory Shop’ which was closed as we are now in an area of Finland that has a large number of Sami residents…..

    Not sure if this was someone selling water when the temperature froze supplies….

    Road sign for Tourists….

    Kommune Road sign for ‘INARI’ with the Sami Language name ‘ANÅR’ for below….

    Next town was…..

    As we now find that all the Road Signs are in two languages, Finnish & Sami….

    As we get into the town we spot this Haglund Tracked Vehicle which had a few pieces missing from the ‘track’ on the nearside, when he came into contact with a rock.
    As we spotted the owner he told us a new ‘track’ was going to cost him €3200!
    OUCH That’s over £2500 ($3750) so next time I need new tyres for less than £500, I won’t grumble.

    The Right Track was new a short time ago, the Left Track now has to be replaced…..

    Sami Post & Food delivery box, still in use….

    While not much longer and we arrive at our next campsite ‘Ivalo River Camping’, but more of that tomorrow…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A day in Inari

    Firstly a couple of pictures from around the campsite from yesterday when the weather was much nicer!

    Just waiting for the ICE to melt on Lake Inari….

    Today’s weather forecast and they weren’t wrong for a change!....

    As I looked up through the ‘TinTent’ skylight and saw the Snowflakes landing… ….

    The just after we set off to get to Inari…..

    As the roads got worse but ‘Flamenco Red’ and the Nokian Tyres just kept rolling along with no trouble….

    After 27 miles from the campsite we arrived at one of the biggest Sami Museums in Finland, and as everywhere else is closed due to the May Day Holiday we decided to go there and spend some time having a look around….

    They started building the place in 1996….

    Inside the first room on the ground floor is a time limited exhibition which was extremely interesting as all the exhibits are of wood ‘carved’ by Mother Nature and then found by Petri Nevalainen…..

    As we then made our way to the first floor along the ramp as the museum is accessible for wheelchairs we see along the walls…..

    Then as we turn the corner to go up the next section we see this Fishing Boat which is driven by an Electrolux Outboard Motor also made in Sweden!...

    Then into the main exhibition hall where all the valued exhibits are behind glass or inside glass cases which gave me some reflection when taking the pictures….

    A baby carrier as a ‘Backpack’….

    The map of Norway, Finland and Russia that shows were there are traditional areas of the Sami language….

    While this is the key to those languages….

    A superb specimen of a Snow Eagle…..

    An olden times Sami home….

    Silver treasure….

    And the necklaces…..

    In the foreground of the next picture is a young reindeer who has just had his ear marked to show who he belongs to….

    Snow Grouse…..

    The three stages of Reindeer Antlers…..
    1) Fur covered…

    2) Shedding the fur which is depicted by the red arrow…

    3) The antler as we know it….

    Fighting over the Harem…..

    Reindeer in Heat, which I hope you can read….

    Arctic Fox….

    The ‘temporary’ home framework….

    A Brown Bear with new born babies….

    Snow covered and frozen trees….

    Hat, scarf, purse and jewellery of a Sami Lady…..

    Spoon, large & small carved wooden boxes and Reindeer handbag….

    The contents of this next picture really made me stop and think for keeping your feet warm if you only have shoes and thin socks, and NO shops to get thicker socks….

    Sami Men’s formal dress….

    We think this next one was for Winter and we would have been glad of it during the last few days if we had been allowed to wear it!.....

    While next is the very well decorated back of a Sami Man’s formal dress….

    Then finally: I just loved the last two sentences in the next picture…..

    So as we don’t intend to ‘get lost’ we are back on the road tomorrow to Kirkenes in Finnmark …..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Ivalo to Tana Bru (Norway)

    Off this morning on the next leg to Norway but after looking at the weather forecast for the next few days we have changed the top around, so instead of Kirkenes we went straight up to Tana Bru….

    While as we went through Ivalo we spotted this group of Men who we think were prospecting for Gold….

    Nice but strange roof on a building..…

    Lake Inari where the Ice can be up to 2.5 Meters thick…

    Remember that road that was well covered in Snow? Well this was 24 hours later, and no Snowplough had been near it!….

    We think the Smokers rooms were at the top in this building….

    The river from Lake Inari….

    Oops! This little fella was munching away and then up came his head as we crawled past!…..

    Brown Bears and Souvenirs ….

    Dual language road signs in Finnish & Sami languages while this one had another Reindeer enjoying a few bits from underneath the sign….

    A Frozen Waterfall….

    Wood supply for the coming months…..

    Then up pops this church.….

    More of Lake Inari which is the biggest fresh water lake in Finland….

    As we roll into Utsjoki which is the border town with Norway….

    Last Diesel fill up on the right at Finnish prices which are considerably less than those charged in Norway, and also a Supermarket for food which is also more expensive across the border….

    Over we go across the bridge….

    Into Finnmark….

    Where interestingly the road surface is much worse than that found in Finland!...

    But looking at the scenery there is definitely less snow around….

    Two little caravans which I think are called ‘Freedom Caravans’…..


    Church of slightly different design than Finland or Sweden…..

    The partly frozen river which is the border for some distance between Finnmark & Finland….

    Disused fuel pumps with a nice house overlooking them….

    A smaller frozen waterfall….

    As we then get to…..

    Quick check in at the hotel to find that our stay will cost us 260 NOK/Night (£23) ($34) while a Hot Shower is also extra!....

    As we then got set up and went for a short walk around Tana Bru as that is all it takes…..

    View of the campsite from outside….

    Rather liked this in the shop window, but glad the shop was closed when I saw the price!.....

    Tana Bru Kommune building…..

    Shell Garage…..

    While at the front of the garage was this item for sale…..

    Ideal it seems for taking the Mother In Law along with the Kids out for a Sunday Run while hitched up to the Ski-Doo, and bouncing along the trail!

    While for the pathway/garden we have a Quad Bike Snow Plough….

    Or if you prefer a ‘Snow Blower’…..

    Next stop tomorrow will be Mehamn as the Sun starts shining at 19:30 in the evening!
    Sunset is 21:56hrs today, while Sunrise is 02:30hrs tomorrow!
    The Midnight Sun is getting closer each day!!! …..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Tana Bru to Mehamn

    With firstly an apology for the condition of the picture of the Gold Prospectors from yesterday as we came through Ivalo, we will take it again on the way back and it will be replaced.

    Meanwhile we are on the road again this morning from Tana Bru to Mehamn….

    Left turn and we pass this little church..…

    Ice floes on the river as the ice breaks away upstream!….

    As we start to travel alongside a few of the Fiords with the black and white scenery….

    As the road condition becomes very bumpy and reminds us of our last trip to Morocco!….

    So it becomes a slow crawl along the road trying to lessen the bumps!…..

    First ‘Road Closed’ barrier for when the snow takes over which was thankfully open as we start the climb over the mountain…..

    We could not believe it but in the middle of the next picture is a Tent with someone in it as their car and Cross Country Skis were alongside! I hope they have a very warm sleeping bag!.....

    Next up we come to 3 Miles of complete road renewal which when we were going over it was worse than the repairs that we have encountered when travelling in other countries…..

    The surface was absolutely horrendous to travel over while the 50Kmph was more like 20Kmph…..

    I did think at one point that thanks to the bumps and wobbles the milk in the fridge might just have started to turn to cheese!....

    Nice row of Icicles up above as we pass by….

    Day of rest for the Digger….

    As this Truck came towards us we both slowed to a crawl, while as he passed we noticed that it was the Milk Collection Truck! Maybe he was hoping to produce a load of cheese as he went to the depot?....

    As we get through the last dip and up a rather steep ramp we are back on a piece of road that is totally flat and really nice after being thrown around, which was nice as it stretched and wound its way off into the distance…..

    As we came down the next hill we saw this mass of something in front…..

    As we got closer we could see Caravans & Ski-Doos…..

    As we passed by we could see it was a large gathering presumably because it was a Holiday Weekend…..

    Made a change to have Snow blowing across the road as opposed to sand! Still at least I wouldn’t have to clean out the air filter this time! ….

    Then we get into Gamvik commune which turns out to be a very large area….

    As we spot some people just enjoying the snow either on their cross country skis or just walking…..

    Interesting pattern at the side of the road as the snow was cut out in the shape of as ‘Saw Teeth’....

    As we then come to the other Road Closed barrier at the other end of the controlled section….

    While up ahead is the village of…..

    Out the other side and now it’s either the Barents Sea or a few more Fiords as we continue along…..

    As we then get to…..

    The we get to the next ‘Road Closed’ barrier which is open but both the red lights on the poles are flashing and making a sound, but as the poles were up we carried on…..

    As the first section was an 8% climb…..

    Then we spot this Reindeer tucking into some food it found….

    Looks like a Snow Storm down there?

    While the ‘Snow Plough’ is on patrol just in case……

    Ski Doo School is closed for the day, but the kit stays out on the hills…..

    T junction up ahead and a right hand turn for Mehamn it is….

    Not long and we come to the road to the airport…..

    The town was not much farther down the road but as we got there we ran into the Snow shower so headed direct to the campsite to get set up….
    Pictures tomorrow….

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