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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A day around Glumslöv…

    After breakfast we set off to visit Ålabodarna which is a small village on the coast nearby, but raincoats were kept handy as the sky looked a bit threatening…..

    First stop was the post and dockside…..

    While for those who fancy a dip in the Sea is this notice advising the temperature but we are not sure on what day it was written!....

    Looking along the coast…..

    While here is the ‘Human Launch Ramp’ for this who fancy a dip….

    Then a closer look at the sign at the end advises you not to…..

    As there was no sign of life we were not sure if the huts were for ‘Weekenders’ or storage for fishermen’s tackle….

    There was a small Café but it to was closed……

    Leaving there our next stop was the Bibliotek in Rydebäck to see if we could get access to the Internet and upload the last few days, however the Bibliotek did not open till 14:00 while next door was a very nice ‘Traffpunkt’ which is a Pensioners Centre which has a Café and Wi-Fi Access.
    So in we go and meet Lisa who is the Manager and who offered me the use of their Wi-Fi to use, so the Blog Update was carried out, after which we spent a couple of hours discussing life in general which was really relaxing over a very nice cup of coffee.

    After which we then head off to another village and harbour called Råå and the Museum ….

    The Museum did not open until tomorrow, while some of the items on display inside were clearly visible through the large window at the front…..

    Sunset later on back at the campsite however was something else…..

    Last day in Sweden tomorrow before we head to Helsingborg and the Ferry to Denmark…..

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    Nice sunset. Looks like a nice campground as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    Nice sunset. Looks like a nice campground as well.
    It was in both cases!

    But now we have been getting very heavy rain showers and a bit of sunshine!

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Glumslöv to Fredensborg and a look around while we were there…

    Before we set off on the next stage over to Denmark, the previous morning in preparation we went off to do some food shopping and also called into Traffpunkt again to send some replies to messages received when Lisa asked us if we would like to come along to their Mid Summar Lunch, which was really nice, so we replied in the affirmative, which meant doing a quick turn around by taking the shopping back to the campsite, along with a quick change of clothes and then back to Traffpunkt for lunch….

    We made it! Then had a really good time with a number of the members as we tucked into delicious Salmon & Herring, with a Boiled Egg, Raw Peppers, Chives, Boiled Potatoes, Tomatoes & Sour Cream followed by local Strawberries and Ice Cream along with a small Schnapps for the Skol Toasting!

    While during the meal we tried joining in with some Danish songs which a few of were set to English music!

    A very nice time with some wonderful memories and superb hospitality that will be remembered for a long time to come!

    While the following morning after breakfast we set off for the trip over to Fredensborg in Denmark….

    First stop was the dockside for the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingbrö so following the signs…..

    We come to the Port Entrance for the Ferry…..

    Check in and get into the correct lane for boarding….

    Ending up alongside ‘Spiderman’ so if we have any ‘problems’ we can just knock on the cab and out he comes!!!…..

    Front of the lanes to the ferry…..

    As it comes into the dockside….

    20 Minute crossing & not cheap on the price, so a quick look around up stairs……

    As we pass Hamlets Castle as the Danes call this place….

    Then we are into Helsingbrö and rolling off…..

    Into Denmark….

    Campsite was fairly close by but in a lot of trees so we just got set up, and after a drink set off for…..

    This is the favourite Palace of the Queen and King of Denmark, but as they were home no inside tours were on offer….

    One Guard at the main entrance who was rather interested in all the Tourists who were taking his picture, but the Gun looked very real!...

    Off we went for a walk around part of the Royal Gardens which are HUGE, passing an enormous Greenhouse on the way!

    We then came to a very interesting small park with 70 Statues that were made from small models that were presented to the Queen & King who then had the larger ones made and they represent Norwegian & Faroese farmers & fishermen and other residents of those areas…..

    Then going down to the Sea we walk along this very nice enclosed avenue of trees….

    As the other way went back up to the rear of the Palace which was a nice way of staying cool on a hot day….

    Some of the Oak Trees in the grounds must be a few hundred years old, but they still looked magnificent….

    As we then got down to the Palace Jetty which needed a bit of re-furbishment, but it was closed off to stop and accidents….

    Heading back from the Sea we pass these two buildings which might have been the changing rooms for getting into your swimming gear before going to jump in the Sea!.....

    Making our way back towards the Palace we pass the garden that is only open to the public in July & August, while it did look nice as we had a look through the bars of the gates….

    With a couple more pictures from the rear of the Palace….

    We then head into the centre of Fredensborg to a café for coffee & pastry and find…..

    The pastry was called…..

    Water tower in the town centre….

    Main street….

    Then the rain started, at which point we headed back to the campsite, as we hope to visit another castle tomorrow which is quite close by.

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Fredericksborg for a look around the place…..

    After a very wet night when it seemed like the rain never stopped and the Microwave struggled with cooking breakfast this morning as we did not take up the offer of £5/Night for Mains Hook Up, a break in the rain allowed us to make the short trip to Fredericksborg.

    As we parked up and made our way to the castle we passed this thatched cottage which was in good condition even though it looked to be quite old….

    As we walk up the main road into the castle it looks very BIG and very impressive, which was intended as it was used to impress the importance of the powerful North European monarch of the time which was Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th Century….

    While in the 19th Century it was turned into a national memorial….

    The castle lake in Hillrød on which in July & August you can get a trip on a small steam boat around the lake which takes 30 minutes…..

    While this is the view of the castle at the rear…..

    The middle of the Baroque Garden with the 3 level cascade….

    And the low level Maze on each side of the water cascade….

    While this old photograph shows what this part of the castle looked like….

    It is ‘Under Wraps’ as it currently gets a ‘face lift’…..

    Moving to the front and the courtyard with what we think is the Neptune Fountain in the centre…..

    While an ‘Onion Dome’ stands on each side of the alternative entrance roadway…

    Past the Neptune Fountain and through the small entrance way into the inner courtyard this is the view of the front of the castle….

    While on the left side we have…..

    Then on the right side we also have, which reminded me of some of the style of the college buildings in Oxford (England)…..

    While on the right hand side was this statue of a large seashell but no water coming out of the mouth of the fish….

    Then walking back out we see the first tower at the entrance….

    As we made our way out and took a look back we saw all the scaffolding in place for the refurbishment, and then very shortly after that wet stuff started dropping out of the sky again, so it was head back to the campsite….quickly!

    That’s it for Denmark, we are heading for Germany tomorrow…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Fredensborg (Denmark) to Munster (Germany)…

    To be perfectly honest between the rain showers and a very boring motorway run it has not been an interesting day for this bit, but here are a few pictures!

    While the overhead ‘Message Display’ gave no signs of any ‘problems’ on the motorways, I think this was helped by motorists sticking to the advised speed limits in view of the conditions and not ‘bunching up’…..

    As we came through a lot of ‘Roadworks’ in both Denmark & Germany on this run….

    Passing what we first thought was another SMV Caravan….but maybe not.

    As we then came to The Storebælt Bridge….

    Then the Toll came up at 360DKK (£35!) ($52!) and that is for One Way!
    So don’t complain when you come into Wales from England and pay around £6.50 ($9.75). At least you can get out for FREE unlike the bridge in Denmark where you have to pay the same again!…..

    As we set off over it….

    I see this ‘Grey Ship’ steaming towards the bridge, and ‘Grey’ usually means Navy! …..

    I see the number of the side ‘F361’ which is a Frigate and did wonder if the payment for coming across got rejected somewhere along the line!…..

    But we continued on our way and passed the halfway point as the main cable started going back UP to the large upright stanchion….

    Then as you come out the bridge levels out to an elevated roadway……

    As we pass by the Lighthouse in the middle….

    Then we are on the ‘Elevated Roadway’…..

    As this High Speed Train goes zooming past…..

    As we then come to yet more roadworks with a new bridge being built….

    Having passed a few signs referring to ‘Fah-t’ especially for controlling traffic flow in the roadworks (‘Fartkontrol’) their seems to be a lot of ‘passing wind’ in this neck of the woods, and we haven’t eaten any Beans, honest!....

    Next up is a FREE Bridge called ‘Lillebelt’….

    While on the other side of the water way is another road bridge which appears to be much older in its construction style…..

    Not long after we reach the German Border….

    As we then see around 6 fields full of Solar Panels while close by are a number of Wind Turbines ‘clanking’ away as the wind is quite strong today…..

    As we come into the outskirts of Hamburg…..

    Then around an hour later we are off the Autobahn (HOORAY!) and into the countryside as we head for Munster, then go around the town on our way to the chosen campsite for the next stop…..

    Off into Munster tomorrow and a few pictures of the campsite we are on, while the weather forecast is not good, but as we are going to the Tank Museum we are hoping that all the exhibits are inside, are under cover!…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Camping Sonnenberg, The Panzer Museum & Munster …

    Start this bit with a couple of pictures of the campsite here which interestingly with the power on the Mains Hook Up takes longer to cook breakfast on the Microwave then using the Inverter and Leisure Battery, possibly because the voltage is coming out at 206V to 210V!

    Then considering there must be around 150 units on the site, the ‘facilities’ are somewhat limited. The pictures only cover 2 of the 4 sections of the site.

    Then it was off on the short trip to the Panzer Museum…..

    While waiting for the museum to open, just outside the entrance is this Railway Transporter for a tank, which can be safely left outside as it is a bit difficult to steal a piece of kit weighing 80 Tonnes!….

    I thought the ramp to get the tank onto the railway bogie was fascinating and could just picture the conversation of ‘Left Hand Down a Bit’ to make sure it was on square!…..

    Having then gone through the doors and paid the entrance fee whilst also collecting the English Audio Visual Guides which I have to be honest and say were excellent and really gave us excellent information about the exhibits and themes inside the museum and came included with the cost of the ticket we see first some of the early uniforms, as the Cavalry was initially thought of as a small mobile tank because of its power….

    While a bit further along we saw these models of earlier ‘fighting soldiers’…..

    The display commenced from 1916 under the title ‘Mud Blood & Steel’ and the development of the first ‘Tanks’ that were ‘All Terrain Vehicles’….

    While one of the first was the A7V……

    A soldier at the side gun controls….

    Development continued of the Tank and along came Panzer 1…..

    While I am sure we have all seen the Motorcycle & Sidecar ‘Zundapp 1’ in a few of the war movies that have been shown on the ‘Goggle Box’ from time to time?….

    The Tanks became more sophisticated while this one ‘Panzer 38 (t)’ came from the Czech Republic….

    Then the next period was 1939 -1945 called ‘Boots Hooves & Tracks’….

    While this next Tank was extremely BIG in size…..

    Standing alone it gives no impression of just how BIG it is, until…..

    My good lady stood in front! WOW!.....

    When I saw the next exhibit I thought of the very expensive luxury car Maybach, while never knowing that they made some of the engines for Tanks….

    While this next exhibit looked like a Tracked Lawn Mower, but was steered by the tracks and not as you would have thought by the front wheel!

    When I saw the next item it reminded me of those Victorian Bathing Machines which having donned your bathing costume in a beach hut, you climbed aboard one of these which then made its way out into the waves of the sea to let you off for a bathing session, but why they needed a BIG Gun was a bit strange unless it was to keep the Sharks away!....

    Auxiliary Electricity Generators…..

    OK so you all know what a Humvee is, but what about a Hummel?

    It’s a Tank with a BIG Gun…..

    While this one….

    Has got an even BIGGER GUN, and could hurl a shell over 3 Miles!

    With another 12 Cylinder Tank Engine, while the text about it was only in German….

    Then there was this exhibit from the British Army for which there was no information board but we think it was either a Ferret or Scout Armoured Vehicle…..

    Oops! While it carried troops, the picture of the inside through the window did not come out too well!

    Then in another corner was the British Army’s Centurion Tank…..

    Next up a few feet away was the quite famous Sherman Tank from the USA….

    Affectionately called ‘Battling Bitch’! With ‘Sgt Joe’ in the turret!....

    While on one wall was reference to the Nuremburg Trials of the leaders of the III Reich…..

    And other atrocities carried out…..

    Next was that vehicle that still has a large cult following in a lot of countries namely the Trabant…..

    Some of the Radio Communications Units used in various Tanks…..

    As we then saw a Tatra 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine as German Tanks moved away from Petrol Engined Tanks due to problems with shortages of Petrol….

    A few of the alternative uses of smaller Tanks…..

    As we then move into an area that went through the re-unification of West Germany and the DDR as the Berlin Wall was removed, along with the additional fencing…..

    While on one of the displays you could get inside a Tank to see what it was like! While there wasn’t room to swing a bat!

    The Tubes on the left in the next picture, held the shells and the BIG Green part in the picture was the Breech of the Gun, so you took a shell out and fed it into the Breech to be aimed and fired, while the Gun Aimer was immediately on the other side of the Breech….

    The ‘shiny’ rectangles towards the top of the next picture are the Slit Windows, while the Grey item in the middle towards the top is the Gun Sight, while around you there are bits of equipment sticking out but covered in black rubber to stop you knocking your brains out as you turn around, which was kind of the museum to fit!…

    Slit Windows on the opposite side with rubber forehead rests….

    A better view of the Slit Windows on the other side while the Gun Sight is the large black piece on the left hand side of the picture just over half way up….

    The latest Tank for the German Panzers, which my good lady told me that when a number of them came along the street in Germany where she once lived, the walls and the windows used to vibrate and rattle because of the noise and weight of them!….

    The ‘Practice Shell’ in the front is realistic in that it weighs the same as one that has it’s explosive installed as it is used to practice loading the breech. It weighs 19Kg which is around 40Lbs, and having lifted it I can confirm that I would not like to be tasked with throwing them around inside the Tank!….

    As we finished the tour with a view of the Tank that is used to lay a Bailey Bridge when the original bridge has been destroyed….

    Then it was off for a look around Munster…..

    While the main shopping street was surprisingly deserted!.....

    The picture of the Tooth on the side of the front door as we looked at it told us who worked at this place in the next picture….

    I think this Shepard and his Sheep chose the wrong day to come in and got Fossilised in the process!...

    Main square in the centre which looked like it had just seen the end of a Fruit, Vegetable & Flower Market due to items that were being cleaned up by a mechanical sweeper…..

    Then it was off to the park and lake…..

    As the children started feeding the Ducks…..

    These 3 little guys came onto the path to scoop up the crumbs left behind….

    Further over was the town Maypole…..

    While behind the Hotel was this water fountain and 4 Horses having a good time in the water…..

    It seems quite strange now sitting here preparing the update for the Blog as compared to the very light nights ‘Up North’ it gets very dark here in Germany from around 22:00hrs!

    Off into Celle tomorrow for a look around as we understand that it is a town full of history….

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A day out in Celle…

    Or as the Tourist Office Brochure says…..

    While after parking ‘Flamenco Red’ in a side street which is Free Parking on Sundays, we set off into the….

    Through this gate while leaving behind a Konditorei that had some really ‘interesting’ cakes for consumption along with a nice coffee inside, but we might go back later as we had just had breakfast!…..

    As we come up to this gnarled tree….

    Getting closer I expected to see a pair of eyelids open up and a pair of arms unfold from the rear with the offer of ‘Help’ as it looked like one of the trees that was in the film for those that saw it called ‘Lord of the Rings’?…..

    Next up was a nice set of shaped ‘Con’-if ers!….

    While on the other side was the avenue of trees…..

    In front was the Lake….

    Then moving left we see this BIG Plant Pot and the only way to show how big it was, was to get my good lady to stand alongside! ….

    Iron Sculpture but no information label while it just looked like a piece of assembled scrap iron to me!……

    Nice display with the statue, flowers and building….

    While around the side were these blocks spaced out that looked like it was to stop anyone parking there!….

    As we then came out of the French Garden and turned left we came into Celle Alte Stadt....

    Then we spot a very nice idea which works as we saw it being used…
    You put the books you have finished with and no longer want inside and if any others are of interest to you, you can take them to read.
    The good part being its open 24/7/365 and is Free!

    4 Shelves of books on both sides…..

    As we then get to see the nicely decorated houses in the Alte Stadt, a number of which are now also businesses….

    Beautiful old carved front door….

    Year of Construction…..

    While it still looked in great condition…..

    A bit further along was this house either built 1608 or there was a person who lived here in 1608 who had a responsible position in the town.....

    Behind the tree in the next picture is the sign for ‘Singer’ on the front of the shop who manufacture sowing machines…..

    Street ‘Lamps’ that told you stories about the town!

    Neat little fountain but it was not drinking water…..

    While this pair of Grey’s waited patiently for a few customers for a city tour……

    As we get into another open area surrounded on 3 sides by colourful houses…..

    Old and new in the same street…..

    As we came around in a circle we come to the Museum and Church.
    The Museum had an exhibition about the Battle of Waterloo, but as we won that one we decided to stay away in case there was anything controversial inside! ….

    While on the other side of the road and surrounded also by a moat is the Ducal Palace with a Tourist Train to whisk you around the grounds for a nice fee….

    As we then found the BIG copy of the City Plan…..

    Back into the Alte Stadt and we come to the ‘Ratskeller’ which was the Old Town Hall....

    While on top of one of the structures around the top windows is the year which seems to indicate ‘something’ 79…..

    While on the wind vane at the end of the building is the year 1695…..

    While standing on the corner you get this perspective......

    As we moved a bit further we came across these small brass plates set into the pavement, that gave details of people who had lived in the houses and had been deported to various places including Auschwitz during World War II…..

    And finally we see this rather interesting sculpture…..

    Then as we came to the rear of the sculpture, we overheard two ladies......
    “Why Myrtle, he has no trousers on?”
    “I know Wilhelmina, but don’t you think he’s got a nice ass?”

    Oh Boy! We left quickly as Wilhelmina went bright pink as she knew we had understood the conversation…..

    Back on the road tomorrow and into the Netherlands (Holland)…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    Munster to Heteren (Near Arnhem…Nederland)..

    Trip today was 6.5hours covering 244 Miles of which 5hours was spent driving in the pouring rain, some of which was extremely intense!…..

    But as we left the campsite this morning I thought a picture of this setup was excellent!
    Man in Tent with Mains Electric, Satellite Dish & TV!
    Now that is what I call ‘Premium Camping’!.....

    As we pass through the town of Bergen we see a number of UK Flags flying as the Concentration Camp from WWII (Bergen-Belsen) is just up the road and the British Army were the first to arrive at the camp when it was liberated, but now there is nothing left except a memorial….

    While a bit further along is a very large German Army Barracks for Tanks…..

    With 40 miles of going on country roads before we came to the Autobahn we had to cross a bridge at some point….

    As we then get onto the Autobahn and the rain and spray increase considerably!…..

    The we get the roadworks and traffic build up, which while it was a bit slow, there was no stopping, the traffic kept moving….

    WOW! It stopped raining, but not for long…..

    Off the Autobahn now and through Oeynhausen with this rather gaily painted ‘Welcome’ town sign….

    The it was back on the Autobahn and the bad weather as this Off Road Camper passed us, which looked a bit like a ‘Pod’ sat on 4 wheels!….

    As we get closer to the Nederland’s there is a lull in the rain again……

    Just caught the top of this Windmill which looked like it was still working!....

    As we then get to the next campsite as the rain starts again!
    I must have been lucky as this was mid afternoon and Reception is only open between 09:00 & 10:00!
    Then during check in I am advised that on Mains Hook Up we are only allowed 4Kw/Day which is difficult to see how it is measured as there are no meters!

    We are now in the area of Arnhem & Nijmegen and will be heading off tomorrow to have a look at some of the places associated with ‘Operation Market Garden’ in WWII and the failed attacks on the bridges in Holland.

    For anyone who is interested in the full story, here on this link…..

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    Arctic Circle Return-2015

    A trip around some of the ‘Operation Market Garden’ Memorials at Arnhem & Nijmegen with a short visit to the cities ....

    But first a couple of pictures of the ‘livestock’ on the campsite, as we have an Albino Peacock and never seen till now…..

    While there is another Peacock that has the colours associated with this bird…

    Then we spotted 2 with no tail feathers and not sure if they are the Females or Males….

    Sadly there was absolutely no information about the area in the campsite reception which was amazing as this place is right in the middle. However thanks to that program called ‘’ having opened it up and asked for ‘Sights’ it presented me with the following places…..

    The 4th & 5th Battalions of the Wiltshire Brigade….

    It was rather heart rendering to find on this side of the monument that one of the Soldiers who gave his life was a Private Venn.Thomas Age 18….

    While this was the view towards the River Rhein….

    Then at the rear of the memorial just over to the left were these Poppies growing…..

    Next was the memorial for a Lancaster Bomber flown by a crew of 7 from the Royal Canadian Air Force that came down in these woods……

    The simple memorial is by the third tree on the left in the picture….

    No one survived the crash…..

    We then made our way over to the River Rhein with one of the bridges in the distance ....

    As we also passed the river gates for the large barges that still run up and down the river…..

    The memorial to the Royal Engineers who managed to rescue around 2400 airborne troops……

    As the Rhein still makes its way to the Sea…..

    Our next stop was also on the banks of the Rhein to see the monument to the 101st Airborne Division from the USA…..

    While interestingly the Dutch Army were on an exercise with their boats and paddles……

    Heading off to the next place we came up to this lumbering MONSTER going along the lane, and I sure would not like to buy a new set of tyres for this!

    While the next monument was simply called ‘The Crossing’ it was on the side of the river with parking for around 5 vehicles, the rest that we had been too had none….

    The monument was to the US 82nd Airborne Division…..

    With a new bridge at the rear of the monument…..

    Next was a trip over one of the bridges into Nijmegen, and the traffic was horrendous, but I think we chose the wrong time of day…..

    With some roadside art…..

    As we then came back into Wageningen to our final stop, which was the Hotel de Wereld where on 5th May 1945 the unconditional surrender was signed…..

    Looking out from the hotel this is now the view…..

    As we then went into this rather strange building at the end of which was a café for a nice Cappuccino…..

    Then making our way back to ‘Flamenco Red’ we pass this rather interesting Cycle Store for people who come into town and then hop on the Bus to go further…..

    That’s it for today, let’s see what happens tomorrow!.....

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