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So you are trying to say that it is not all about me? Disappointing.

Tried to make lunch but there were flight delays.

Thank you very much for dragging us along yet again. Even with the weather it was an interesting trip. Good for the rest of us that you two got to bear the brunt of it rather than us.

Hopefully your next outing the weather co-operates a lot more.
Wherever we set off to next time with the 'TinTent' hooked up I will try to find a restaurant where they know you....promise!

Trust the airlines to let you down, lunch was very nice!

Glad you enjoyed being dragged along, with all the other 'bodies' occupying the 'Third Seat' I think 'Flamenco Red' breathed a sigh of relief when we got back as the suspension went up by a few inches!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Mother Nature will be kinder on the next trip and I don't have to go out and look for another set of Thermal Underwear to keep warm!