Recently purchased my fifth Volvo, (2012 XC70) from a major Volvo dealership and until now I've pretty much taken care of oil changes in advance of their recommended schedule, but my new service adviser at the dealership suggested there is no need to bring it in until the service light comes on, and then plan on staying for an hour and a half so they can inspect the entire vehicle to determine if other issues need to be addressed.

While I'm sure there is no way of telling whether this approach is merely another money-maker for the dealer, or a sincere effort on their part to do the right thing, I have instead been fairly happy taking my most recent car (2004 XC70) to a shop that primarily handles SAABs, but also Volvos. Yet I still feel a little unsure that their skilled technicians are on top of factors such as specific Volvo transmission or angle gear fluids.

So far, they seem to have been highly competent (and definitely less expensive), but I've been curious for some time and thought I'd throw this out.

Thanks - I always appreciate the sound advice I get from this forum.