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    Post Strange Transmission issue 13' 2.5T AWD

    Hey guys, how is everyone doing?
    Some weeks ago went with the family on a roadtrip, it involved some really steep inclines combined with lots of bends,but everything went great. On the way back used geartronic to slow down the vehicle downhill, then we were back on level surface and had to stop, when starting the transmission made a really harsh 1-2 shift but it didnt show any message so whe took it easy and went home. Next day when wife was going to work DIM was showing a Transmission service required message but there werent any symptoms other than the message, Anyways I took it to the dealership so they could reset the TCM with VIDA, They said everything was OK but next day the message was again on the screen and the car instead of D showed - so the dealership decision was to replace the whole trans as car is still on warranty, but Im waiting for it to arrive since they dont have it in storage. Still they dont know whats wrong with it. I want to believe the AW55-51 is a very good transmission as Ive seen on every post regarding a 2.5T, has something like this happened to one of you? Been thinking that using the geartronic to slowdown isnt a good idea. Anything you can say is appreciated as well as your questions
    Car is shy of 30k km and a year and a half old, trans fluid is cherry red and smells like celery. also been reading about the B4 servo cover.
    some pics (sorry for my English)
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    Depending upon how the dipstick reading was taken & how the stick was handled it looks like the transmission may have excess ATF.....
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    Taken with trans at operating temp ( I think) and handled carefully

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