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    Default very strange noise

    Hi folks- while driving around in the rain in my new-to me 2007 XC I sometimes hear what I can only describe as audio feedback coming from the rear of the vehicle. It doesn't seem to be speed related but only happens when in motion and slowly fades away when I stop, or fades out after a minute or so... I thought it might be some kind of problem with the park assist as I've found a plastic protective cover for that module( previous owner disclosed it had been replaced) but noise still occurs when PA is turned off. Has anyone else ever heard this noise?

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    Get under the car and look at your driveshaft right above the exhaust pipe flange that is between the cat and the intermediate pipe/center muffler. If you have a nice bright metal ring showing on your shaft, you have rain squeal. There is a pipe hanger kit that you can get to sort it although it is my humble opinion that Volvo should have designed and installed the hangers properly at the factory.


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