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    Default 2004 XC70 fuel pump replacement - access panel or not?

    I have just developed a definite fuel smell around my XC70. Have not seen fuel on the garage floor yet, but anyway. Seems like it could be the fuel pump recall issue, but it also seems like Volvo won't cover my car at this point (170K, +age +location not in one of the listed states). After poking around the net it looks like either I drop the tank or cut an access from under the rear seat. I'd rather do it from on top. But it sure would be nicer if there was an access panel. A buddy's 2004 XC90 had an access panel when he did this job. Anyone know for sure if the 2004 XC70 has an access panel under the seat?
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    Hey Allgonquin, I know that I am not answering your question, but have you checked the gasket on the fuel cap? I was convinced that the fuel smell at start up was a leaking fuel pump until I replaced my cracked gasket. fixed the problem on the cheap. If this is not the case, I would drop VNA a line. sometimes they will help if you are out of warranty.

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    Checked the fuel cap. Nothing funky there, unfortunately. Still would like to know if I have to get out the Dremel or if there is an access panel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allgonquin View Post
    Anyone know for sure if the 2004 XC70 has an access panel under the seat?
    Yes there are access panels under the back seat - you have to remove both sides to replace the fuel pump assembly, the pump is located under the rr seat with a hose leading over to the left side inside the tank.

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    I had the same problem on mine this time last year. 6 months out of time for the recall too. I had an indi garage do it for me and I had a new pump put back in.

    Rear seats come out, and the under seat carpets too. You should see two access panels which need to be lifted to get to the areas you need to work on. As far as I remember you will need a special tool to remove a ring seal on the pump, though I understand you can remove them without it. I also understand you have two pumps on each side of the fuel tank as its sort of split in two due to the prop-shaft.

    *Important* disconnect the battery before you remove the seats as you will trigger the airbag light (SRS Light) and you will need a dealer or Vida/Dice to reset if you do not.

    Image below is for a 2003 XC70

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