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    Default my New to Me 2000 v70 xc (or maybe it is a 2001?)


    just got a 2000 v70 XC - i really like it... i have some questions... i'm in London, England...

    1. it appears that various sources show my car as being sold in 2000 it does look like what i think many people will say is a 2001 Volvo v70 XC in that all the straight edges and flat / 90 angles are gone and it has curvy, fat, rounded edges and panels... my car was first registered in September 2000

    i don't care, it's not a big deal unless i have to get specific parts that will only fit either 2001 or 2000 year cars... argh...

    2. how do i get my iPhone music into the stereo? my car radio is the one with cd player and Dolby Surround sound and 3-channel option... no cassette and i can't see any aux in port... argh... will i have to get one of those radio broadcaster thingies? Burn mix cds?

    3. where do i get the wiper blades for the headlights? Nobody seems to sell these in England, i guess this means visiting Volvo Dealer? Nooooo!!!!

    4. my left side fog light isn't working... do i just get a bulb and pop in in?

    5. I need the little socket for the light bulb for the front turn signal... i have only found these in American shops, does this mean a trip to UK Volvo dealer? I think this is it (from USA)

    6. it appears my sunroof is broken, it doesn't open... i think there was some sealer on the outside seal, put on very discretely... should i just never open it to avoid dealing with leaks or should i fix it or are they unfixable at this age etc?

    surprised that it doesn't handle like a big boat... my other car is a 1968 Dodge Charger (it's in USA at moment) and previously in the UK I had a Range Rover and Audi A2...

    was going to get another Audi A2 (loved that car!) but then my daughters decided to learn to play the harp... and we needed a big car to transport it to orchestra etc....

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    ok, if found the bulb holder from Volvo dealer and that has fixed the turn signal / indicator light...

    still really need advice on the iPad / iPhone music into the volvo stereo... i guess i need one of those FM Transmitter things as I don't see any aux-in jacks?

    my volvo stereo model number is: HU-803

    I just realized that the cd-changer is built into/inside the head unit... i think it has space for 4 cds but not sure... does this mean i can't use the external connector for iPods that plugs into the external cd-changer port in the head unit? I'm guessing head units with the cd-changers built into the head unit won't have ports for external cd-changers? I could be wrong of course...

    EDIT: I've done some searching... it looks like this model DOES have a port for an external cd-changer

    does this mean i can get the relatively cheap option of the iPod/iphone adapter that plugs into the cd-changer port? If so, which solution do you guys recommend?

    there is a microphone near the rear view mirror does this mean i have bluetooth?

    thanks guys...
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    USA SPEC PA VOL 11 (Yes it does plug into the 10 CD changer port on the back of the radio).
    or a
    GROM unit (I don't know the model number)
    Both work out of the CD CHANGER port and usually work very well as your radio has a 4 CD in dash set up.

    You have a P2 Volvo, a 2001, almost nothing, just a handful of engine parts, is interchangeable with a P80 (99-2000)
    Even the USA SPEC and the GROM units are very different.

    Move your comments and requests to the 2001-2007 forum
    All emails please use: jrl1194 (at)

    2007 V70 2.5T White/Oak, 112K miles. My daily driver and GORGEOUS
    2000 V70R wife's. Won't sell, now at 148K miles !! and still (almost) perfect.
    2000 S70 GLT SE with 29,000 miles!!! A time capsule, V70R front bumper, Volans, etc. SOLD!!! (I Will regret selling this!)

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