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    Since my last post I have traveled another 250 - 300 miles and there has been a marked reverse in the situation.

    The 2->3 shift now flares or "hiccups" just about every single time, garage shifts has gone bad and clunky and there are audible "metallic clunk sounds" on the odd occasion.

    In addition, during a peak-hour traffic highway trip of some 40 miles yesterday, the car / transmission entered the LIMP HOME mode and it was quite daunting to hold up fast travelling traffic while struggling at 30 MPH ... BTW, no CEL and no message. After parking at my destination and about 5 hours elapsed time, everything was fine again and I got home without further incident - except, of course, the harsh 2->3 shifts!

    To make matters worse, the transmission "specialist" who performed the valve body rebuild is not interested in fixing the valve body - he claims that the problem is the transmission (gearbox) and is only prepared to do a full transmission overhaul [during which, of course, he can fix the valve body and claim that the problem was in the gearbox all along, whether it was or not].

    Life happens ...

    I do think the flares can be fixed with a adaptation reset + fluid counter reset + new adaptation run. I'm currently experiencing better shifts after doing those stuff. Maybe check your engine oil level and colour too.
    What surprised me was how much better the ride was after I changed the engine oil after 5000 km. I think I had an oil leak somewhere coz the level was low when I changed engine oil yesterday. The ride is much much better, you can just push the gas pedal without being scared that the car would give you a harsh shift.
    If you plan to keep the car, its worth getting a chinese version Vida Dice for around $100 USD.
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