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My brother-in-law is on his second Forester, puts Hakka's on for the winter and swears by the Forester.
He also has a 150 4x4 and a Z06 also.
I'm not a Troll but in the years since Volvo was a recognised leader in safety, there are other vehicles out there to consider.
I get Cayenne Diesel's and gas for loaners. Superb ride at speed, 80mph feels like 35 mph. Of course they are bulit for the Autobahn and over built for North America but the inherent quality and design/engineering in a Porsche product is quite satisfying. Only problem is Porsche can pick your pocket better than any Brand I have dealt with.-Richard
Interesting is that I put Hakka 8's on my Forester. It's a monster in the snow - love blowing away the expensive toys (even AWD models) with my Foz 2.0T...except for Sube WRX's, Mitz Lancer EVO's, and Audi's with good winter tires....they're beasts in their own right.

The Foz is way better in the snow for stability than my old Volvo XC wagon.

As for the Porsche...yeah, if you can afford to own a new Porsche, you should also be able to afford the maintenance. Except if you turn your own wrenches...