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    Thumbs up 2004 Volvo XC70 Tuneup and Repair - Need Advice and Tips!

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking for tips on upgrading and repairing my 2004 Volvo XC70. It has some big issues.

    I'm a big fan of Volvo's. My parents bought a used 2001 XC70 Blue w/ 149k back before I started college and I have used it a lot. When I went off to college my parents essentially gave me the car and I loved it. Was reliable, took me where I needed, carried my school stuff and in general, was amazing.

    Unfortunately, I crashed it. I did something really dumb that I regret everyday. So I made amends with myself and my parents and bought another used 2004 XC70 w/ 150k with money from my job programming. This car is a salvage rebuildand previously a rental and it has some issues. (I know ) But I need to teach myself a lesson and fix this car up and realize the pain and effort needed to maintaining a good car like the old 2001 XC70 my parents gave me, and it was a decent deal. The engine and transmission are strong.

    I'm kind of rigging it out, keeping it spotless, scrubbed everything in it and kitted it out with tools for repairs as well as a detailed OBD2 Meter that uses Torque (Android App).

    The car has some issues, some severe. The car dealer wiped the OBD2 (didn't see it when I used it) but the EVAP DTC comes out with 3 codes, one of which is a Gross Leak. The All Wheel Drive also doesn't work which is common on these cars from what I hear. I tested it with my right side wheels in the grass of my gravel driveway on a rainy day. Only the Front Spun and dug into the grass. I also have to replace the front shocks as they are cracked and the rear disks and pads.

    I'm willing to put in the time, labor, effort and money (under $2000) to get this car back to good shape.. I've already been doing work and I know I have the brains and brawn to do so. However, I know this community is a fountain of knowledge. Any advice or tips?

    That being said, here are the list of things to do / been done.

    • Replace Front Shocks and Struts - INCOMPLETE
    • Replace Rear Disk Rotors and Pads - INCOMPLETE
    • Find and Repair/Replace leak in Evap System - INCOMPLETE
    • Replace Front Right Low Beam Bulb - FINISHED
    • Replace Rear Right Brake Light Bulb - FINISHED
    • Replace Front Left/Right Control Arm bushings (both of them) - INCOMPLETE
    • Fix the All Wheel Drive - NOT DIAGNOSED

    • Upgrade Low Beam / High Beam from Halogen 55w to Xenon HID 35w - FINISHED
    • Upgrade Interior Lighting upgraded from Halogen to bright LED - FINISHED
    • Add New Car Mats - FINISHED
    • Add New Roof Rack - NOT INSTALLED
    • Engine Tuneup - WHAT SHOULD BE DONE?
    • Servicing - WHAT SHOULD BE DONE?
    • Car Tuneup - WHAT SHOULD BE DONE?


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    Well as you do not know maintenance history of the vehicle as with any vehicle it needs to be gone through as to fluids, ATX oil, angle gear, Haldex, rear diff., engine oil, and coolant. Timing belt needs to be checked as well as the PCV system if not completely changed. Plugs and coils can wait if it runs well for now. I would do these things all before doing any upgraded parts as you still do not know exactly what you have bought. There is quite a bit of information of these procedures on this site as well as on Howards Volvo site. I am also going through this also with mine. Hardest part was getting ATX fluid as the Toyota dealers near me charge over $9.00 per quart so I bought some online.
    My two sense, worth price charged.
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    You need to get the car scanned by VIDA either by you or the dealer
    If the AWD issue is electronic it will say so and give the codes, if there are no codes you probably need a new collar sleeve at best or an entire angle gear at worst.

    Put is on jackstands, start motor, put it in gear
    See if the rear wheel turn at all or if there is no movement and you can turn them by hand.
    If there is no movement at all the angle gear or collar is busted and there is no physical drive to the rear wheels ($$$$$)
    All emails please use: jrl1194 (at)

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    My advice is to get the engine and transmission checked out by a professional before any upgrades/fixes, once that is clear you can start the fixes and upgrades. It might be too late to say, but if you end up spending 6k on this car you were probably better off buying a newer model or one with maintenance history.

    I would do ($ prts only):
    PCV Kit-$350
    OEM Plugs-$60
    Timing Belt, Water Pump kit ($250)
    Change all fluid (steering, brake, oil, coolant?) -$100
    Various brittle hoses -$40-100
    Clean the throttle body replace gasket-$20-30
    Mounts Iengine, trans, etc.) -$200

    Front suspension kit-$500-600
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    Surfer is right. You need to determine the problems before upgrading it. You can either buy or borrow a Vida to read error cods, then look the codes up or ask what the codes mean here. If you need a Vida, pls pm me for factory price.

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