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    Default A few questions about brakes

    I have read most of the posts on disk and pad replacement and also the resources section. The consensus appears to be go with OEM disks and use Akebono pads. Here in UK Volvo disks/pads are reasonably priced but the latter are very dusty. Alternatives seem to be Myle or Brembo with Mintex pads. Would anyone choose these over Volvo OEM? These are more expensive and the pads are probably just as dusty. Akebono pads are very hard to find, expensive and come from Australia so the shipping cost is equivalent to the pads. US suppliers do not seem to ship to the UK and maybe this is down to shipping costs.

    So needs be new OEM disks and pads. For the 2001/2002 XC were there different rear calipers fitted, so there might be two different pattern pads? I have seen some pads offered that remind me of the 840 rears. The Volvo parts list does not show any alternatives. My handbrake has always worked fine. Do I need to back off the handbrake setup to remove the old rotors and must I change the brake shoes for it at the same time if I am putting on new rotors?
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    Akebono EURO CERAMICS have NO dust whatsoever
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