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    Default Water Under Driver Side Seats

    I have a 2005 XC 70 2.5T and recently the check engine light went on and a day later the floor beneath the seat on the driver side filled with water...and it keeps filling. Any ideas why?

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    Does the 'water' smell slightly sweet? Slightly sticky or greenish?
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    It's usually one of two things
    Your sunroof drains are clogged (easy test to find out)
    Open the roof. Park the car level or a hair forward tilting. Take a tennie cup of water (1/2 ounce or so), slowly pour a little into the front corners of the open sunroof one side at a time and observe.
    If the drains are open it will flow right down the hole, if it doesn't, it's clogged.

    or the lower windshield molding has become cracked or dislodged. When that happens the water will pour right in and mostly be on the passenger floor
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