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    Default Tyres or rather tires yet again!

    I need replacements in the next month, so I have been reading through the old posts to see which are the most popular, have best track record. Astro in particular has put blood, sweat and tears into educating us about just how many factors there are to be considered before making a choice. I am looking for a summer or all season rather than a winter tire; we hardly get any snow or ice here on a regular basis and I am retired now so I can just stay in bed on bad mornings!

    I wanted to go for Nokian WRG2 or 3, but they seem to not be made anymore. Here they are classed as winter. Being an EU member country (more is the pity) tires have been rated in three ways, each graded A through G, (G being the worst) for fuel (rolling resistance) wet grip and noise. I see that almost every tire, recommended by forum members, is "F" for fuel and around 71db or higher for noise. This is so for Pirelli STRs, but I see there is a Pirelli Scorpion Verde all season which is C -fuel, C -wet grip and 71db noise. Has anyone experience of these on an XC and which size 235/60/R16 or 215/65/R16? Lastly, I understood that the wider the tire the less good on snow or in wet more readiness to aquaplane. So why is the wide so popular in the US? You seem primarily caught up on what things look like, is that the reason?
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    There is a broader selection of 235/60R16 tires. The 215/65R16 is a less common size, with fewer choices. Because of the swept area, the wider tire will not do as well in the rain or snow, but it's a small effect. Similarly, there is a small improvement in contact patch stability for better cornering with the wider tire. I would just stick with OE size....

    I think the Nokians are great tires, but after 40,000 miles, they were done. Their price is now over $150 each before mount and balance. So, it was Generals for me last fall. They've been great.
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    I had a set of WRG 3's installed last November in the 235/60R16 size. So far, at 5,000 miles they have been great! Quieter than the Scorpions, drives arrow straight, and the ride seems a bit better. Fuel mileage seems the same. Here on the Northern West Coast we a get a lot of rain, about 33 inches or so per year, so wet handling is critical. Some snow, and a little ice, but I can usually avoid driving in most of that. I am happy, and time will tell how many miles these go. Not cheap, about $850US out the door. Other top of the line tires were similarly priced.
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    I am on my second set of Nokians WRG2 currently with 40,000 miles on them. I will get another 7500 or so miles since they are fine in the rain but not snow for the next winter. I am going to WR G3 SUV next. Will be putting WR G3 SUV on our Pilot as well. All around best tire I have owned, they do wear out quicker but all the other positives still make them an excellent choice.
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