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    Quote Originally Posted by ssicarman View Post
    I like how your campground has worked with the trees to keep them. The area looks like the scenery is quite varied.

    That last fish is one ugly looking thing.
    Looking at the tourist statue makes me think that you have a bunch of one armed perverts in the area.
    As the tress passed through or around buildings they had space to grow and 'move' when the 'Bora' wind comes so that they or the buildings are not damaged.

    Off the coast the scenery is much the same with rocky areas and small trees or Olive groves.

    I would agree with you about the fish while I think there is one here and it might be that one that has spines that can be dangerous so you have to be careful how you handle it and not with bare hands as it was wriggling like mad, took me four shots to get that one!

    On the Tourist statue I make no comment other than no tourist put their hand out while we were there, so maybe it's a 'local thing' in the winter to pass the time and hope for a good season next year!

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    Stage 13G “Our time at Uvala Borova”


    Hey Ho a nice wet morning with the gentle patter of the ‘Overhead Watering Can’ on the roof of the ‘Tin Tent’ this morning which lasted for a few hours and then stopped or at least we thought it had, so we took off for a very short trip up some narrow road not far from the campsite to end up on the side of a mountain!.....

    Ready? OK lets go……

    Turn left off the main road and the climbing starts and to be honest I was very glad the ‘Tin Tent’ was not on the back as we struggle to get around a couple of the hairpin bends!

    Nice flower growing at the side of this house….

    Meanwhile road gets narrower, thankfully they cut the grass so you can see the edge, but it starts raining again!....

    Hairpin bend up ahead and you haven’t got a clue if anyone is coming down towards you, while there is no space to pass each other if there is! …..

    As we get around another hairpin bend we see the objective of the climb up which is the Church Bell Tower and the other crumbling tower .….

    Steady there, that road is getting narrower…..

    As 50meters further on we manage to squeeze through this bit as the distance sensors are sounding off wildly!.…

    While the GPS system wants us to continue up this bit, but we decide to ‘explore by foot’ and leave ‘Flamenco Red’ secure at the bottom…..

    But the Church is here.....

    As we park ‘Flamenco Red’ alongside the Church….

    With a quick look back to make sure all is OK, then off we go….

    But after a very short distance the ‘road’ stops at a house which is occupied which is to the left and just out of the next picture as we take in part of the coast as the weather closes in again….

    With this shell of a building alongside the occupied house….

    While here is the house which is on its own but is also an apartment for rent…

    With some nice wild flowers growing around…

    It seems that the house is surrounded by unoccupied and mostly derelict property as we walk around…..

    While through the narrow entrance is this van, but no sign of anyone in the house….

    As we start to make our way back down the rain starts again……

    Which makes you wonder as you reach the hairpin bends if you are going to be able to steer or slide around the bend!.......

    While a little bit further down you get to see a dark and dismal view of Podaca at the bottom of the road while keeping away from the edge….

    One last look at the derelict tower which was nothing special when we got there….

    While the rain makes the road look even more slippery!......

    The as we get back into Podaca we see this ‘smiling dog’ but it turns out to be a large statue!...

    As we got back to the campsite the heavens opened up and the rain hammered down for a good couple of hours, while we could not see the next village across the small bay, but then when the rain stopped and the mist cleared we were presented with the following views of cloud topped mountains that for a minute you could have thought it was snow….

    As we then started to read the online BBC News we learnt that after the fiasco about Beefburgers in the UK there is now a recommendation by some more ‘scientists’ not to wash raw chicken before cooking it, which no doubt millions of us have done for many years, and the BBC presenter was having a hard time coming to terms with.

    So for dinner tonight we had 2 pieces of raw Croatian chicken that was washed, dried and BBQ’d till it was cooked through, and it was delicious, as you might be able to see in the pictures below!

    While finally on a much brighter note…..

    We learnt today that….

    The WWII Veteran who was not to be outdone by not being allowed to go to Normandy on the 70th Anniversary of the D Day Landings, so he put his Macintosh on over his medals and made his way there on his own, but was reported ‘Missing’ by the care home he was staying in which made the headlines in the UK Press, has just celebrated his 90th Birthday with his wife and received 2500 Birthday Cards from well wishers who read about his story!

    WOW! That news made a dull and dour day excellent!

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    Stage 13H “Our time at Uvala Borova”


    As we still had 48 hours of Bosnian Insurance for ‘Flamenco Red’ we decided to go back into the country but to go somewhere else other than Mostar and here is the result…..
    However you will have to bear with us as the only road that showed up on the ‘TomTom’ GPS was the main roads from Croatia to Mostar from the Border Crossing and that included both sides of the river as that is the one we went along today, just for a change as all other roads in Bosnia where ‘missing’……

    So on the other side of the river….

    As we pass lots of little fruit sellers stalls by the roadside….

    As we then go across a one way bridge system across a tributary to the main river!....

    Watch Tower…...

    Then we get to the Border signpost which is quite some distance from the Border Crossing.…

    While having the ‘Green Card’ our passage through was straight forward while a couple of other drivers had nearly ripped out the insides of their vehicles trying to find their ‘Green Cards’ and this guy coming the other way was being crawled all over for possible illegal items!…..

    Anyway, thanks to no Major/Minor Roads showing up on the TomTom GPS we could really only continue in a straight line after 1 right hand turn without the fear of getting totally screwed up and LOST so we ended up in a town called Stolac which is being extensively restored! .....

    A rather overgrown set of river ‘gates’….

    Where the water goes under and comes out again here….

    With some more ‘River Views’….

    While some ‘friends of the river’ were having a bit of a ‘clean up’!....

    While at the side of the river bank were some rather nice Dark Blue Butterflies who were proving to be a bit difficult to capture with the camera….

    The a bit further along we spot this ‘Pensioners Club’ but we were too late to join them for lunch!……

    As we could not find a café or bar that was serving food we got a couple of pies from a Bakery Shop that contained a very strong cheese and some ham and made our way to this place which is about 2km out of the town…..

    With some really good carvings on the tombstones!......

    We asked why there were tombstones on either side of the road that went through, and it seems that when the Austrians came in 1990 the built a new road straight through the graveyard!….

    Visit over and we start to make our way back passing this as yet un-completed ‘Dutch Barn’ style house and there was quite a lot of new building going on along the road…..

    The view towards Mostar…..

    Panoramic along the road….

    Close up…..

    While a bit further on it was like being ‘On the Piste’ in Morocco as they re-surfaced this road!

    Small diversion and we end up on part of a one way system……

    Turn right across the bridge…..

    Don’t forget to give a wave as you turn left pass the old lady who watches the traffic all day…..

    Coffee time for us and a short break for ‘Flamenco Red’…..

    Flood barrier…..

    War Memorial…..

    Town square…..

    With a few more fruit seller stalls at the roadside…..

    After which it was not long before we got back to the campsite for a very rough night with Thunder, Lightning and heavy rain through the night as we managed to get virtually packed up for a 09:00 start…..

    Next stop Camp Marina at Krka National Park and the trip is via the ‘back roads’ and NOT the ‘Toll Road’ as we like a challenge!

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    Stage 14 “Podaca to Lozovac”


    09:00 hrs on the road this morning for the ‘back roads’ drive from Podaca as we didn’t want to use the Toll Road which is quite straight and rather boring….

    Sharp right hand turn for Imotski with a fairly steep climb as you come around the bend so ‘Flamenco Red’ starts emitting that lovely low ‘growl’ as the power increases and the turbo kicks in as we sail up the hill….

    Over the top and down the other side….

    Then up the next hill with this monument on the bend at the top…..

    While a bit further on was this building that looked like it was burnt out, as the rain started to appear….

    As we pass through a small village we see this rather large cross up on the hill overlooking the village…

    As the road gets narrower we pass the Bus Depot, but thankfully we did not see any buses coming towards us…..

    Not sure if a ‘High Tide’ caused this or they were a bit short of ‘Mooring Space’!...

    Comfort break halt….

    While this was a better view of the church…..

    Considering our road was very winding with not many straight sections which was good, the Toll Road off to our left looked very straight and only 2 lanes each way…..

    Under the Toll Road we go….

    Time for a coffee break as we stop outside the Fire Station which did not seem to have a Garage for the Fire Engines…..
    While we tried to order something to eat at the café/bar the lady apologised as she had no food while no one had any work or money to be able to buy food from her, so she stopped serving it and now just serves hot and cold drinks!

    Fire Station…..

    Second Fire Engine…..

    House that was blown up during the Balkans War….

    Turn left at this junction for the road to our next campsite near Lozovac….

    As we climb another hill we come to a small parking area that overlooks the city of ‘Drniš’ which has a reputation for ‘Smoked Ham’ which has been recognised by the UK ‘Buckingham Palace’ and the USA ‘White House’ as the two smaller images on the left of the next picture tell you ….

    With a view of the city Castle on the left…..

    And the city in the next picture…..

    While Krka National Park gets closer…..

    But you have to keep a look out for the ‘Wild Pigs’ on the road……

    Thankfully we didn’t meet any but we did not take much longer to get to Camp Marina…..

    Tomorrow we are hoping to take a drive around the park to places of interest….

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    Stage 14A “A day around Krka National Park”


    We set off this morning on a 70 miles drive around the ‘Tourist Attractions’ of Krka National Park.
    Had we chosen the ‘Tour’ on offer at the campsite this would have cost us 880 Kuna, however on a DIY ‘package’ we spent including lunch 420 Kuna, OK I used ‘Flamenco Red’ but the drive was excellent as we saw no other traffic of any consequence, while we could stop and admire the scenery.….

    So off we go…..

    Our first stop is Visovac Island….

    As we then make our way down the hill and around a few hairpin bends….

    As we look out at the island which is a Monastery…

    I see some movement in the water to my right and thought it was a Bullfrog as we can hear then, but in fact it was a Water Snake….

    Then it was back on the road and off to our next destination via the ‘Back Roads’ to Roski Slap....

    As we get to the single lane bridge (With passing places)…..

    But with the extent that Mother Nature has grown the undergrowth, the waterfall cannot really be seen…..

    So we continue along the road passed a small destroyed tower but a new Mobile Comms Mast alongside….

    To a small village called ‘Kristanje’ which makes a nice coffee break, and park in front of the church as we visit the nearby café/BETTING SHOP!….

    As we then spot this monument of plaques alongside….

    The ‘Pensioners Meeting House’ where you can have a drink and food when it is open…..

    While just around the corner is this church which seems to be very large…..

    Next stop was Krka Monastery, but you had to be on a 2.5hr organised boat excursion to make the visit ….

    So off we go back across country and rather narrow at times roads….


    Then after parking in a Restaurant Car Park which was ‘FREE for Restaurant Customers’ we set off for a look around on the basis that when you got back you only needed to buy a couple of coffees, show the carpark attendant the receipt and you could be on your way…..

    So off we went for a look around….

    Then we decide to head off to the Tvrdava Fortress…..

    ‘Stay on the right of the steps please as you make your way up’…..

    With the view from the top……

    So off for a look inside the tower……

    Produces this view…..

    While up at the tower we could see the river cruise boat that went to Skradinski Buk which is the vessel on the left. The one on the right is called ‘Princeza Diana’….

    So off we went for a trip on Majka Danica which can hold up to 300 passengers, and they count them as they get onboard…..

    As we pass the ‘Swan Family’ of Parents and 7 little uns!

    While after around 20minutes we can see the waterfalls of Skradinski Buk as we pass a vessel returning to Skradin…..

    As we exit the boat and enter the National Park we see a map….

    Then making our way towards the waterfalls the view opens up and we wish we had brought swimming costumes and towels…….

    While over to the right hand side of the waterfall, there was that much water coming down that it was trying to push a couple of trees out of the ground!....

    While further upstream….

    With a ‘special’ Plan of the area for visually challenged people…..

    Along with a ‘key’ to the symbols…..

    While next was the Hydroelectric Plant which is being restored….

    The upper waterfalls…..

    While our next stop was the ‘workshops’….


    The Weavers room with loom and very helpful assistants…..

    Examples of the articles that are made on the weaving loom….

    While we see the national dress of local people which was all woven from Sheep’s Wool….

    The ‘Bakery’….

    As we moved back outside and over to a small stream, I spotted one of those nice blue large 4 winged butterflies on a flower stem…..

    Then as we made our way back to the boat for the return to Skradin, my good lady see this small thing trying to move….

    It turned out to be what I think is a ‘Three Fingered Toad’ who was very young and would more than likely have been stepped on if left where it was, so it was moved to a much safer area, where big footed humans are not allowed to go!...

    As we got back to Skradin it was one final look before we headed back to the campsite and found a message waiting for us….

    Quite early this morning back home, my wife’s Mum was re-admitted to hospital as she was not very well, and our Niece sent a message to my wife’s phone advising her of this, except her phone was not switched on and was back in the ‘Tin Tent’.

    Our Niece then later having had no reply, repeated the message to my mobile which was with me, but as it was in our haversack I did not hear it.

    As we then got back to ‘Flamenco Red’ for the trip back to the campsite I got the message, as this is the fourth time my wife’s Mum has been admitted in just over 6 months, we have decided to return home so we are now making our way back to the UK on an ASAP basis, however I will try to keep the Blog running until we get back.

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    Thanks very much for the pictures. Another great batch.

    I hope that every thing works out back home.

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    Stage 15 “Lozovac to Maribor”


    By 07:30 we were on the road for the run to Maribor in Slovenia while the majority of it was going to be via the Croatian ‘Toll Road’ there were bits that were of interest…..

    The ‘Toll Road’ as it winds up through the Mountains…..

    As we come to the first of several ‘Tunnels’…..

    While this one was interesting…..

    Toll Road ‘Exit’…..

    While there is ‘Sveti Rock’ which looks a bit like the tooth of a Whale!....

    Next set of ‘Tunnels’ up ahead…..

    As we then spot this ‘Bird in the Air’ or maybe it should have been ‘Bear in the Air’ as we are not sure if it was the Police with a Radar Camera!…..

    Croatian ‘Shopping Mall’…..

    Border Crossing from Croatia, where our Passports are ‘checked’!….

    Slovenia Border Crossing where we are just waved through….

    As we did not get the ‘Vignette’ we cannot use the ‘Motorway/Toll Road’ but our campsite is not that far away so it did not make sense to put the money for the Vignette in the Governments pocket, so we are on ‘the back roads’!.....

    ‘Fire Station’ while it seems that every village has one!

    Traffic Island ‘decoration’……

    Not sure what was in the pipes, but we suspect they carried Natural Gas….

    Oops, the road surface is getting like Morocco, ‘BAD’!

    Even the Army go ‘Camping’ but behind a BIG fence!....

    Camp site entrance….

    Set up for an early start tomorrow…..

    As we are only here for 1 night we decide to stretch our legs after the drive from Marina Camping and have a short look around, and as we walk up the road out of the camp we come to a ski area with a cable car which is running, so we get a ticket and hop on for the ride to the top…..

    Up at the top of the cable car is this large beast which we think is an Ibis….

    Top station…..

    With the view…..

    While in Summer the ‘runs’ are used by Mountain/Trail Bike Riders for the thrill of hurtling down a mountain on or off tracks, as they use the Cable Car Cabins to transport their bikes and themselves back up…..

    So off they go…..

    While we have a look around…..

    Then we get the cable car back down and catch up with the bike riders…..

    Well are you or aren’t you?

    As we then made our way back to the campsite I got another message from our Niece at 19:00hrs on Friday evening letting me know that my wife’s Mum had passed away at 16:45.

    With the following little story as she slipped away very peacefully and in no pain…..

    “Nan was not taking any fluids or eating during the day, but sleeping.
    However a large Moth flew into the room while she was asleep and it woke her up as it was flying around her face.
    While her eyesight was not good she followed the Moth as it flew around her face, then she smiled and slipped away.

    It was her husband coming to collect her.”

    While between us my wife and I used up around a quarter of a kitchen roll to dry our eyes, we did manage to see a rather nice Sunset, at the end of a very long & traumatic and memorable day…..

    Next stop tomorrow night is in Bavaria……

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    Stage 16 “Maribor to Eging Am See”


    After an early start as the gates to the campsite were open at 07:00 this morning it was off around the outskirts of Maribor which looked a rather nice place, but we had no time to go ‘exploring’ this time….

    As we cleared the city we started to climb up over the hills making our way towards Austria and a lot more ‘Mountain Climbing’ up 15% and 20% Mountain Road Gradients, while going up to over 4,000ft on narrow roads, while giving a couple of ‘Local Drivers’ a bit of a fright as we came towards them!
    So if you are up for it then off we go, as we stay off the ‘Toll Roads’ and Extra Payment Tunnels, but the scenery was much more interesting!

    Very shortly we reach the Austrian Border, but no Passport Checks are required….

    As we then start the REAL ‘Mountain Climbing’ passing through some small but very nice rural villages en route to Germany…..

    What goes up, must come down…..

    As we then go back up again!....

    Time for a coffee break and also to give ‘Flamenco Red’ a chance to cool off a bit as the outside temperature was around 25C…

    Nicely decorated bar in the very large ‘Guest House’….

    Then it was time to be off again through the woods in the Ski Area….

    As we see the height of this Ski Lift at 1375meters that we had dropped down to!...

    While a bit lower down was this other lift station……

    The down we go again…..

    As we roll around several hairpin bends…..

    Tree Bark Removing Machine, with a few Logs off to the left….

    As we then reach the bottom and see the ‘Toll Road’ way up above!....

    Then out in the countryside once again and we pass the AL-KO factory which manufacture lots of different parts for ‘Tin Tents’ and ‘Trucks with Beds’ (Campers/RV’s)….

    Next up was this interestingly named town, which was really nice and quite narrow in some of the roads…..

    While just outside was this very LARGE ‘Pine Cone’ made from tree parts…

    With some interesting sights as we went along, but sadly no time to stop and see if there was a description……

    As we pass what was left of the Winter Snow up high on the Mountain side….

    Maybe this ‘Tin Soldier’ was waiting for a Dragon?...

    Mountain top Castle…..

    As we then get into another town where I spot a ‘Discount Fuel’ station as Diesel in Austria is around €1.44/1.47 a litre and this station was selling for €1.29.9 which when you put 60 Litres in the tank makes a BIG difference….

    Back out of town and a few more hairpin bends…..

    With another Castle halfway up the side of another Mountain….

    Then it was over the ‘back road’ Border Crossing and into Germany…

    While our next campsite was just a bit further it was nothing to write home about as nothing stood out, while access to the Internet/Wi-Fi was charged for while the speed was faster if you wrote postcards and sent them home, so it was a quick dinner, then shower and try to get some well-earned rest as we have another long haul tomorrow….

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    Stage 17 “Eging Am See to Nomborn”


    After a not so quite night thanks to the ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM’ of a local night club that was quite close to the campsite we were up and back on the road at 07:30AM as 99% of the next leg was on the A3 Autobahn in Germany heading towards Köln….

    Not sure what this was sticking up in the middle of the road!....

    Then we saw it was the support for a Bridge!....

    While a bit further this was another 'strange' bridge support......

    While as these ‘craft’ passed we thought for a minute it was a couple of low flying aircraft that had lost their wings!.....

    As we get to this new bridge under construction…..

    The we see the ‘little fellas’ again as we go around this right hand bend, as I need to get out of the lane I am in!....

    More ‘roadworks’ but I have to say that the majority of motorists were very compliant with the speed restrictions imposed to ensure that traffic kept moving even if it was Sunday and except for a few ‘specials’ all Trucks were banned from travelling….

    Frankfurt Airport Terminal….

    Then we though as we looked in front that a LARGE Cruise Ship had screwed up with an errant skipper!

    It is the Hilton Hotel!....

    ‘Keep left’ says ‘Jane’ on the GPS, so I comply……

    Then we pass the ‘Rastplatz’ which is really the same scene at each one on Sunday in Europe as all the Trucks are parked up, it’s only the totally CONGESTED UK that is daft enough to allow them to travel on Sunday’s, but then maybe we haven’t got enough room for them to park up for 24 hours?….

    Yet more roadworks with the ‘ICE Train’ line running alongside….(We think ICE stands for ‘Inter Continental Express’)

    Finally come off the Autobahn with a few miles to go to the next overnight campsite called ‘Eisenbachtel’…

    Down the last bit of ‘countryside road’…..

    Looks like we are all lined up for the ‘Grand Prix’ getaway in the morning…

    At check in as the owner took our details for the registration, I asked him if it would be possible to use his LAN cable to access the Internet as we were trying to contact our Niece for some information, as we were heading back to the UK ASAP due to my wife’s Mother passing away.

    Not only did he offer me the use of his LAN connection, but he also told us that in view of the circumstances he was happy for us to be his guests for our overnight stay and would take no payment, and as part of his hospitality he would see us later at the Tea & Coffee Table.

    It’s not often these days that you meet hospitality and kindness like that, but this man was a real gentleman, for which we were very grateful…..

    The ‘Tool Shed’ on the campsite…..

    A different view of the entrance, and hopefully we will return on a different trip…

    Next stage is through the rest of Germany, then Holland, Belgium & France ready for the final run home….

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    Stage 18 “Nomborn – Home (UK)”


    After a quiet night at the campsite it was time for the stage across to Calais (France) and our last night before heading to Eurotunnel and the final stage back home….

    Once again this campsite was not far from the A3 ‘Autobahn’ that would take us right across into the Netherlands, Belgium & France, so it was out of the campsite and a left turn towards Montabaur which looked like a very nice small town, which hopefully we will return to for a look around….

    That’s Montabaur up ahead but we turn right to the ‘Autobahn’….

    As we get onto the ‘Autobahn’ we see this impressive building that is in the town of Montabaur….

    Then as it was Monday it was a bit slow moving in places thanks to all the road works and Trucks who could start moving again….

    Crossing the Rhine river by Kőln…..

    As we come to the Cooling Towers of the Power Station who are letting off a bit of steam, well it is only 09:30am…..

    Then it was into the Nederlands….

    Followed by Belgium…..

    Where we thought the Circus was in town, but it turns out to be a ‘Fun Park’….

    Finally get to Calais and manage some last minute shopping along with a few gallons of Diesel for ‘Flamenco Red’ who once again has never missed a beat over the whole of this trip, especially on the longer stages over the last 4 days as we travelled back from Croatia and went Mountain Climbing as well….

    Tuesday 06:30 Sunrise…..

    Breakfast over, then it was off on our way to Eurotunnel which was a very short distance away….

    Passing this large scenic water tower….

    As ‘GPS Jane’ tells me ‘Keep right and take the exit’ we are finally at the check in point for the train…..

    A quick visit to use the Free Wi-Fi to check for any further messages from home as our train is being called to board in 12 minutes and I see the ’20 Years Celebration’ of Eurotunnel, which was as it says a ‘Herculean Task’ to build 20 years ago, so go and get the camera for a couple of pictures….

    As we get to the Border Checkpoint in front of us is a ‘Truck with Beds’ (Camper/RV) with the names of female cyclists some of whose names we recognised from the 2012 Olympics…..

    Then it was time to ‘Git on Board’ as we formed a queue waiting for the very large Coaches with parties of schoolchildren on to ‘Wiggle’ their way onto the train….

    After a few forward and reverse ‘wiggle’ movements from this LARGE Coach that was repeated by the Coaches behind…..

    It finally makes it with not much room all around, into the compartment of the train….

    As we then follow the smaller ‘Wiggle’ down onto the platform and onboard…

    45 minutes later we are coming off the train in the UK, and 3 hours later the rest is history as they say as we arrive back home.

    While I owe a special ‘Thank you’ to my good lady who still managed to take some excellent pictures at a very difficult time, I am going to dedicate this Blog in memory of her Mum who would have reached her 90th Birthday in 3 weeks.

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