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I like how your campground has worked with the trees to keep them. The area looks like the scenery is quite varied.

That last fish is one ugly looking thing.
Looking at the tourist statue makes me think that you have a bunch of one armed perverts in the area.
As the tress passed through or around buildings they had space to grow and 'move' when the 'Bora' wind comes so that they or the buildings are not damaged.

Off the coast the scenery is much the same with rocky areas and small trees or Olive groves.

I would agree with you about the fish while I think there is one here and it might be that one that has spines that can be dangerous so you have to be careful how you handle it and not with bare hands as it was wriggling like mad, took me four shots to get that one!

On the Tourist statue I make no comment other than no tourist put their hand out while we were there, so maybe it's a 'local thing' in the winter to pass the time and hope for a good season next year!