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    I withdraw my earlier comment about slight pressure on the accelerator - I had put it in, in case my driving style had any bearing on the subject. It is not an issue.

    I too have been on an unscientific test drive to see what other features lurk within. Like most owners I haven't made much use of the manual mode - until reading various threads on this board.

    Yesterday evening on my way to choral rehearsal, I thought I'd have a play. I selected 4th. while climbing a hill, and left it in manual while I slowed in traffic. The tranny shifted (automatically) down through the gears as I slowed and changed to 'bottom' - (first) when I stopped. There was no engine braking effect; indeed I was doing the slowing with the brakes.

    On pulling away  I forgot I was in manual - until the engine told me that I really ought to change up!

    This is a good and sensible feature when you think about it. It would be very dangerous if you left the car in fourth, stopped or slowed and then wanted some power in a hurry. I guess it's also there to protect the engine and tranny from damage.

    In a similar fashion the box won't let you change up until an "appropriate" speed is reached.

    The above may well be very obvious to you already, but I haven't noticed any detailed discussion before.

    To some extent it's a shame that manufacturers don't bother to explain in detail what their products do. This applies to electronics (and others) as well as cars. I suppose the majority are not terribly interested and it only the enthusiast who seeks out web sites like this one.

    Do post if anything has been missed!

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    I told my dealer I never driven a automatic before, and still no explanation on different features with the GT transmission.
    So I got this bright idea after totally agreing with TrueBlue. Look in the manual

    It confirms what I found out that there is a "Lock-up" function on 3rd, 4th and 5th gear to aid in fuel saving and engine braking. And it will downshift when revs in your current gear gets low all the way to 1rst.

    But you can start in 3rd according to manual (havent tried this, and yes I will try it   )

    And to use engine braking you must be in the "Lock-up" range. So decelerating towards a crossing it will engine break until it unlocks, then just downshift without more engine braking since revs are now closed to idle (unlocked).

    The advatage as I see it with GT in "Manual" is that you don't get the 3 second hesitation as mentioned in some other tread when you want to take off again.

    Ok, atleast things seems clearer to me on this "Unlocking/Lock-up" thing.

    Someone want to take on explaining the Adaptive function of the GT?
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    On my XC70 D5 the converter unlocks at about 30M/H (3rd) 40M/H (4TH) and 50M/H (5TH) when overrunning dowhill.
    In drive it unlocks at 50 and stays in what "appears to be" neutral  until about 5 m/h when 1st kicks in, add throttle and its driving again. Yes it did feel srange at first but it is something one gets used to.  I use the manual selector to hold a gear locked in if I feel I need engine to hold the speed on a decent, usually only with a caravan (trailer) on the back, running solo I use the brakes if need be.

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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on the downhill shift issue. The simple remedy seems to be: use the geartronic (left) function to ensure the torque converter does not release. Easy and a suggestion which will be followed!

    For the record, a similar query raised on another enthusiast site (not by me) seeems to have deteriorated into a bit of a mild flaming match against Volvo.

    Always a pleasure to get confirmation that we are frequenting the right place. Thanks again folks.
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