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    Default Questions on the wood steering wheel of my XC90

    My steering wheel has the dark wood finish. Have a couple questions...

    1) Is the color of the wood supposed to match the wood paneling in the car? Mine seems darker than the paneling.
    2) Does anyone else's got cracks in the clear coat finish? I'm not sure if this is a factory problem or abuse by a prior owner.
    3) Is there anyway to easily fix the clear coat? Guessing the answer is no...

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    Not really. Rings and wood wheels don't go well together!

    You can try wet sanding with 2000 or 3000 grit and polishing
    (Try a small area first that's out of the way).
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    I would wet sand it, then use rubbing compound to remove the fine scratches. Lastly, would give it a good polish.

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