My bevel gear leaks a lot of oil but the AWD works fine and I have got all the seals and O rings to reseal it. I'm not sure if it is leaking from one of the seals or from between the two halfs but I think it is from the seals since it only leaks when the car is driven not when parked. I would like to open it up and reseal it for once and for all.

Since we do not have any Volvo dealers here I can't get the Volvo anarobic chemical gasket sealant, and I can't even get it from else where since it is a chemical which can't not be sent by airmail.

We do have Loctite importers here so I want know which Loctite product is the equivalent of/can be used instead of Volvo anarobic chemical gasket sealant p\n 1161058 or 1161059. Please help since this is the only thing stopping me from starting the job.