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    Default "Slow Down or Shift up"

    Hopping someone here has a clue because not even the Volvo dealer does.

    I have the 2008 XC90 V8, with the TF-80SC trans.

    It thew off a a message "Slow Down or Shift up" and the check engine light with orange triangle. The car shudders when this happens. It has happened at a stop lights and on the highway. The first time it did it I treated it like a fluke because it was hot out, and I thought the engine was just hot. Then it did it again on the highway weeks later, and again on the highway but this time I was worried because I was going about 63 mph and traffic was going 65-70mph and the XC90 lurched forward and made an over revving noise then it slowed down by its self, as fast as I was trying to get to the shoulder the light went off the message disappeared and everything seemed normal.

    The only lasting symptoms I have had intermittently are when I push the gas peddle down it is slow to respond, seeing as there is no turbo its not turbo lag, but It kinda feels like it, because then the car lurches and takes off. Theres also some times a clicking sound at low revs when driving in my village, the speed limits only 15 mph.
    I know this transmission is widely used and not many complaints, so it shouldn't be the transmission. I have noticed Asin-Warnner transmissions maximum torque is recommend max at 324.5 lb. in the V8 its 325 lb. Its not really a huge difference, but could the longevity and wear on the transmission be affected ? I dont know enough about the workings of a transmission to know what that means.

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    It almost sounds like something electrical. The "W" button isn't active or sticking, is it?

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