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    Default How do I check the PCV?

    I know this has been described before, but I cannot seem to find the method how to test if the PCV system is shot (i.e. too much pressure in the crankcase).

    In the last two weeks, driving only a touch more than 300 miles, the oil level has dropped from the top mark on the oil dipstick to the lower mark - and I have checked it out - there are NO obvious oil leaks so I assume that one possible culprit is the PCV system.

    What else could it possibly be?

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    Here is a good youtube video describing the idle+boost PCV circuits

    Here is a good video to show the "pulled dipstick" and "glove" test on any 850. Same on these P2s. May need to secure the glove with a rubber band when revving engine to 2000 RPM to check the boost circult. Don't know how much vacuum suction under boost but don't want to glove to get sucked in. wrap a glove over the dipstick will achieve the same result and might be safer under boost. Make sure only either dipstick or oil filler is open and not both when testing as noted in this video.
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